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11 commentarios

Hi ! Nice things after buying digital files, may I sell a 3D printed version from you?

Could it be printed with a 0.3 mm or 0.2 mm extruder to make the cutting area thinner? Plastic cutters must be very thin for a very clean cut.

Actually I didn’t try it before I always use 0.4 mm nozzle. Some cutter design’s cutting edge has 0,5 mm wall thickness.

I'm trying to design a 3 dimensional version of this shape. Unfortunately, have been trouble creating it though. Is there a program you recommend or could we work out a price for you to create that CAD file for me. Email:

Hi, I have an eBay store, and I was wondering, if I made payment for each print I sold, would you allow me to list them in my store. I will give you a link to each listing, so you can keep track of how many are sold, and I will make payment to you at the end of each month via PayPal. Please contact me on Kind regards, David

Hi david,
Sorry u cant list them in your store.

Hi, I will give you 10% of each sale, and as mentioned, I will send you a link to each listing so you know how many have been sold. Please reconsider, clay cutters are selling hot right now, and you will make more money with me than just selling downloads. You can email me at Kind regards, David

Hello it’s not allowed to sell. You can just use personal use

Hi there! Am I allowed to sell the cutter once fully printed or is this prohibited? Thank you for your time :)

Hi, could you give the measurements of the cutters? Just to know if they are too big. We are interested in more than one model.


Hi I bought your polymer clay cutter set for $7.95 and the photo showed a lot more tools than just the 3, am I able to return this or get the full set that is pictured?


Merci pour votre téléchargement.
Donnez-moi votre adresse mail, je vous enverrai les fichiers au format STL.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. If you need to create a custom cookie cutter, please contact me

I also have a wholesale offer for you, which includes over 2800 cutter models on various topics. Cartoons, films, etc. At a very competitive price.
Let me know if you are interested.

You can contact me on:
WhatsApp +79048899862