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What is the difference between your $3 mannequin bust and the $3.50 one?

hello, they are different shapes and one of them has hones for earring display. you can pick the one you like and i'm sure it will be of use to you

Hi Rachid, I am interested in design an specific flower in a colourful and outside IP 66 material. Is that possible? How much would it cost me the design? Thank you

hello and thank you for reaching out
you might need to look for a designer that uses a mesh based modeling software and can export texture files, sadly i use solidworks and it can't export texture files


Hello and thank you for the purchase, please contact me via email that you will find in my bio and i will be happy to help

Hello, I purchased your file recently. Is it possible to have the models separate? thank you

Hello, thank you for the purchase.
Yes i can send you the separate files.
Please contact me on my email in my bio so i have you contact email.

Hello, I want to get your file but is there a flat version? it is to transform it into a pendant. thank you

hello please contact me on my email on my bio so i could be of service to you

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Hello. Thank you, that would be great. I am a keen model boat builder and this would help immensely.

okay no problem , please send me and email, you will find my adress in bio so i could send you the files

Hello. I have recently downloaded your MINI SET OF SHIPYARD BOLLARDS 3D PRINT MODEL. Can I print the items in the set individually? Thank you.

hello and thank you for the purchase, yes you can print each file separately
do you need me to send you the files separately?

Hi. Is your Bronchial Tree model hollow ? In other words, can it be used for some (low-fidelity) bronchoscopy training ? Thanks for your reply.

The model is offered in a shelled hollow version with and without thickness
For the training is it virtual or on a 3d printed model

yes you can, but the thickness will be reduced to a bit in relation to the scaling factor
you can scale the model as you wish , using basic software in your 3d slicer or 3d builder.
if you need me to do it for you let me know

Buenas noches. Quiero el dije solo sin la contra argolla.. Y queria saber si se podra agregarle unas guardas griegas al lado del bisel. Espero su respuesta

hola, sorry no hablo español. could you please rephrase in english.
and i can't tell what model you are talking about from the translation

HI might you have the STEP files for the coastal anti errosion forms?... I would love to have them scaled to where they would fit in a sphere of about 10mm

okay no problem , please send me an email so i could send them to you
my email is in my account info


Thats ok .stl will work for my printing needs, also need it to be hollow with a caged back. Waiting for you to pay, thanks

okay for the hollow back the pendant is already thing 0.9mm wall thickness and there isn't enough volume to take out

Ok no problem just wanted to make the piece lighter in weight.

okay let me know what is your email so i could send you the file and some pictures

Sounds good need file in .stl and .3dm via email

so sorry i'm not able to export 3dm file , i work in solidworks and it is not able to export 3dm file

Hey im interested in the dream chasers pendant you made, i just need to make some changes to it like using 1mm round diamonds all around, and changing to “GRIND” at the top “GT” middle and “Time” at the bottom. Let me know if this is possible thanks

hello and thank you
i can make the changes for you , lets just agree on a price and how i could send you the file so i could get started

Dumb question but who wields the Kumasi with the circle between he handle and the blade

Hey! Love you work and wanted to know if you are open for commissions?

et merci pour ton suivi


Merci pour le suivi