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I’ve tried contacting you on Instagram and Etsy but I havnt heard back yet :( I purchased two files from Etsy the ikea children’s table and the easel but there isn’t an STL file attached to either of them. I would love to print them asap for the house I’m working on. Thank you

Hello! I am interested in printing and selling your models in 1:9 scale. Is this allowed, or is it possible to purchase a special license? Thank you so much!

I love your creations but wanted to ask if it's possible to resize them for 1:3 scale for use with 18 in dolls

how can ungrup the design i'm using Cure, i want to select only the other leg of the table but is group and don't allow me

I can't see which file you're referring to. Can you please give me a link. Thanks.

also is the ikea cabinet a zip file?

I can't see which file you're referring to. Can you please give me a link. Thanks.

what are the dimensions of this cabinet?

I can't see which file you're referring to. Can you please give me a link. Thanks.

hi id like to purchase your design, i cant see anything on the listing but would i be able to sell models ive printed ?

ich habe mir gestern Ihre Datei Ikea Alex runter geladen, da ich ihn sehr hübsch fand.
Heute habe ich ihn gedruckt und bin etwas irritiert:
Die 2 schmalen Schubladen sind bei mir unten und die 3 hohen Schubladen oben. Auf Ihren Fotos ist er aber richtig. Also unten wo sich die Rollen befinden, sind die schmalen Schubladen und darüber die Hohen.
Ich drucke mit dem Anycube Vyper. Außen an den Seitenwänden drücken die Schienen der Schubladen durch. Welche Einstellungen muss ich machen, damit das nicht geschieht?
Liebe Grüße, Michaela

Hello. Thank you for calling my attention to this. And I'm sorry. I made a mistake and uploaded a revised version last month with wrong drawers orientation. For the protruded sides, I am checking on it. I haven't had problems printing but I am now printing a version that hopefully will produce better results. I will keep you posted. Please, let me know if there's any design you like from my page and I'll send a copy for free. My apologies for the trouble.

Hello and thank you for your feedback. I first thougt i did something wrong and i'm glad you found the mistake. I look forward to the new version :-). We will have a look on more of your offers, i'm very interested in all Ikea furnitures so as Alex and Liatorp. Our 3d-printer is a anycube vyper and just 3 days old, that's our first 3d-printer and your Alex was the first thing we printed :-)

Hello. I have made adjustments on the Alex drawer already. Here are photos of my print.

For print setting (might be different with your printer), I use:

Layer height: .2
Fill Density: 10%
Print Speed 80
Print Temp: 200

Speed: 80
Distance: 6

Travel Speed: 80

Here's the Alex Drawer link:

Here's your free file (IKEA Liatrop):

Happy printing! :-)

Thank you very much for the new file. Now the Alex is exactly how it should be :-)
The next days i will print the Liatorp, i'm sure that it will be fine. Best Regards Michaela

Muchas gracias!!!! Muy amable, exitos en sus ventas

¡Muchas gracias! :-)

Buenos dias, me da error el arcihvo y no estan separados los cajones para imrpimir en otro color. Se pude solucionar?

Hello. I made separate files already. Hope this helps. Please download the files again. Thank you!
Hola. Ya hice archivos separados. Espero que esto ayude. Por favor, descargue los archivos de nuevo. ¡Gracias!

Yes. I tried that as well. For some reason it will not print properly. I tried it on my friends printer as well. Same problem. It seems as tho it’s entirely flat. Some spots are lifted from the bed. I’ll keep trying. Just frustrating. Never had this issue before

So sorry to hear you're having difficulty printing them. I checked again and the items are laid flat. The Potting bench should be printed with support. The bar cart may have to be printed slower than your normal setting since the parts are quite small. But it still depends on your printer. I test print using Ender 5.

For some reason it was not possible to print I tried on two different printers but the print failed

Hello. Can you please show me a picture of your print. You may use to upload a photo.

I test all my designs prior to uploading here on Cults. It should print fine on any standard printer. Kindly also check if the files are laid flat on your slicer. Thanks.

Hello, do you offer any commercial licenses to allow the sale of 3d printed goods of your files? Thanks!

Hello. Yes. All my files are .stl file. They are already layout-ed for 3D printing. Normally, there are 2 files. The "Assembled" ones are for Resin printers. For FDM (Ender series), use the one without "assembled" on the filename. It is already in correct layout, ready for printing. It will print just fine using "Fast Profile" if you are using Creality Slicer. You can still reduce the infill to 10%.

last night ,purchase a file from you and i printed it all is fine ,except the sides of the drawers not printed fine thats why its not smoothly going inside of the chest ... can you send me the file in which drawers are in standing positions from the the back top in the down side?

Hello. Kindly check the list page again. I've added new files there. Please use the ones marked "bigger tolerance". The drawers are also in standing positions, per your requests. Let me know if you need more help. Thank you so much!

hi is this stl file
and can you tell me how to print it i have aender 3d printer