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New to files and making etc.
Can I buy the file to print and make a silicone mould from it .
Then can I sell the cast.

This particular file isn't available for commercial use, which would be the problem. The idea is awesome, and I think that is a very cool application for it. If you support most creators via Patreon you have the commercial license and can then use the files to create things like what you are talking about. I have files that are available commercially, however this is not in that category. This is an older model that is made from a high quality scan, and is not my original design; my new designs are all made in Blender by me. I hope this answers your question!

Yes it’s does thank you….I think your designs are amazing and I started following you on instagram. Also love the yoga skeleton. Would this apply the same.

I just downloaded the mummy hand candle holder.
I cannot successfully print without using supports, even if I invert it, as:
1) not all of the fingers touch the build plate
2) The candle holder rim touches the build plate at one point.

Slicing software allows for 90-degree rotations, not fine rotation to assist with un-square 3-d Modeling environments.
I presume this was scanned and not modeled.
Am I left with only the option of using supports?

Yes, as it says on the description, the candle version will need support, but the statue version will not. I hope that it works out for you with no further issues.

Just so you are aware, using the popular slicer Cura (fully updated) I could not print this file without error.
There are features that are not "water tight" which ended up with the slicer seeing as missing layers.
Initially this was causing slight issues where I thought I could fill the imperfections. Eventually, when it got to the last finger joints before the palm, it got so bad it was trying to print the layers in thin air.
I don't see a way of providing pictures, or I would.
At this point I have given up printing the file, as I burned through about a quarter kilogram of filament and tied up the printer for more than 24 hours.

That is very strange, so far I have had no issues, and I have been unaware of anyone else having issues with it. If you'd like I can issue you a refund for the file since it is causing you so many headaches. I hate to hear this. I wonder what would be causing the problems! Let me know how you would like to proceed.


Pretzel Prints

I am perfectly ok with not getting a refund.
I actually just wanted to let you know of the challenge.
Please let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance by sending pictures (somehow) of what I am describing.

I would love that! I am very curious to see what is happening with it. If you can, send me an email at and I will sus it out!

Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir quelle est la technique utilisée pour obtenir cet effet noir entre les os et sur le crane, sur le modèle "jusqu'a ce que la mort nous sépare".
Merci d'avance.

Hello! For the model, "Til Death Do Us Part" I started by painting all of the darkest areas (in the ribs, eye sockets etc.) with a black acrylic paint. Next, I used a very dark brown and blended it into those same areas and out toward the parts that would be nearly as dark. I used the dark brown on the teeth, jaw bones, and everywhere that you want to add depth. After this, I used a dry brush with white or off-white paint to go over all of the lighter areas. You can let the white paint go over anything that you painted with the darker paints to create a shadow or blended look (example would be the base of the skull, and on the head behind the jaw.) After you do the lighter parts and have it looking how you want it, you may go back in with the black and brown to make sure the deepest parts stay very dark, and just blend it out. I did dry brush the teeth, but also ended up lining them with a fine brush to get the small details.

I hope this answers your question, and translates well into French :)

Bonjour! Pour le modèle, "Til Death Do Us Part", j'ai commencé par peindre toutes les zones les plus sombres (côtes, orbites, etc.) avec une peinture acrylique noire. Ensuite, j'ai utilisé un brun très foncé et je l'ai mélangé dans ces mêmes zones et vers les parties qui seraient presque aussi sombres. J'ai utilisé le brun foncé sur les dents, les os de la mâchoire et partout où vous voulez ajouter de la profondeur. Après cela, j'ai utilisé un pinceau sec avec de la peinture blanche ou blanc cassé pour couvrir toutes les zones plus claires. Vous pouvez laisser la peinture blanche recouvrir tout ce que vous avez peint avec les peintures les plus foncées pour créer une ombre ou un aspect mélangé (par exemple, la base du crâne et la tête derrière la mâchoire.) Après avoir fait les parties les plus claires et avoir comme vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez revenir avec le noir et le marron pour vous assurer que les parties les plus profondes restent très sombres et simplement les mélanger. Je me suis brossé les dents à sec, mais j'ai aussi fini par les doubler avec une brosse fine pour obtenir les petits détails.

J'espère que cela répond à votre question et se traduit bien en français :)

Super ! merci pour votre réponse rapide. Je vais donc essayer cette méthode. (très bien traduit en français).

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Gday I would like to purchase a commercial license for the hand, do you have that?

I don't, unfortunately. Thank you for your interest! We are working on getting to a place where that is something we will be able to offer.

Thank you for considering my models.