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I wrote you an email :) thank you so much!

Sure ill add in the pack. No need to buy i again. Can you please kindly email me through so i can send the files. Or let me know ur email so i can send. Thank you very much!

Hello, again! I am looking for the letters D O P also, can you add them in the pack or can I buy them separately? Thanks!

Hi, than kyou very much for the inquiry, I added the Letter B at 20mm size. For customized requests feel free to ping me, check the description for contact details. thanks!

Hello! I want to get the alphabet letter pack (this one: 21 TOTAL 20MM ALPHABET POLYMER CLAY EARRING CUTTER DANGLE SET BATCH 11) and I need also the letter B. Is it included in the pack? please let me know. Thank you!

Hii. Thank you very much for your inquiry.
They are different files and you can print them separately. I just placed my downloadable prints together for display.

Stay safe!

Hi! Is the Valentines set of 23 one file or different files?

Hi. Yes, i can upload valentine themed cutters. Kindly let me know the designs you would like. I can post them here on the listing to have affordable pricing instead of custom pricing. This makes cutters affordable. Thank you!

Hey!! Are you planning to do any valentines day cutters?