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hi, i was wondering if you can make version where I could control head movement and eye movement with a small joystick.
I would need this for a movie project to use as practical efffect in 1:1 size.
would be this possible?

Hi. Sorry, but that is to much work from my side because i never did that and first need to figure out how to do it myself...

jamais commande et debite sur mon ppaypal.

Hallo. Ich verzweifel an dem Hubmagnet beim Zug, der die E Zigarette auslöst. Wo bekomme ich ihn her? Danke

Der Solenoid, den ich verwendet habe, wird bei Ebay nicht mehr verkauft. Und auch sonst kann ich ihn nirgendwo finden. Eventuell kann man einen ähnlichen nehmen und den Hebel anpassen oder ähnliches. Aber das ist wieder mit viel Testen verbunden, ob er genug Hebelwirkung hat usw ...

I would like to know if you take requests and if yes, are you able du make STL file for those 3 design :

They are custom Funko pop make by Kara design (US only and not available anymore).

If yes tell me your price, I already found a professional 3D printer/painter to make them but he need STL files to begin working on them.


Hi. Sorry, I don't take requests.

Hallo ich habe ein Problem.Ich habe den vorderen Schädel übers Wochende gedruckt auf meinen Dremel Digilab 3 D45 mit PETG.So weit so gut ist sehr schön geworden.Das Problem kommt beim lösen der Schutzkonturen Fuß Augen usw.Eine Beschädigung des Schädels ist nicht ausgeschlossen weil man oder garnicht den Schutz entfernen kann.Welche Lösung kann man mir vorschlagen?Mfg Jürg

Ein Messer oder kleinen Schraubenzieher mit einem Feuerzeug heiß machen und die Strukturen raus schmelzen.

Hi friend, first of all congratulations on your work. I downloaded the T-800 skull, I read that you are studying for the motion detection. I was wondering if I can already print everything as it is or if there can be changes so better wait. Do you think you will be able to update this evolution soon?

Hi! Firstly, thank you! My plan is to add a Raspberry Pi to the system and leave the Arduino for the movement of the servos and LEDs. That way, the face tracking is an add-on and just two additional wires will go into the Arduino, and you can leave the rest as it is. So the plan, I can not guarantee that it will end up like this in the end because I'm working on it. How fast I can finish it, I'm actually not sure because I need a break for a couple of days from this project. But that gives you guys enough time to print, paint and build the skull in the meantime.

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Perfect, all clear man, thanks again for everything. Keep me updated on future developments

Good morning i am starting my own company where i sell 3d printer models and i would like to add your amazing models to my site (still work in progress) i would like to know if you are okay with giving me the rights to sell your models (printed not the models of course) thanks and have a great day .

Hi. No, i don‘t want that.

oh okay thanks have a nice day ^^

Hola me enseñarias a armar la lampara abduccion?

Hello sir ! really nice job !!! can you tell me if the files are HD and can be scaled up, for scale 1 for example ?

What files?

oh sorry, the files from the ecto 1

1:1 scale? You want to print it that huge? Yes, they are quite high poly.

ok thank you lot !! i will try the delorean before ! i love it ! i love your job ! de delorean is around 4.20meter but ecto 1 is 6.40 meter...

You want to print the delorean in 1:1 scale??? What printer do you use? :D

yes i will try ...i print on cr10s5..

Ok. Let me know of the progress, please. :D

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yes sure, not for this year i think but i see your ecto 1, the week after you post it and the job is really amazing ! i will contact you when i will start delorean

Hi I’m coming here as an eaglemoss ecto 1 builder, thank you so much for your files!!
The eaglemoss company collapsed and left me without my roof rack.
My mars 2 pro is too small to print the entire roof rack.
Please let me know if there’s anyway to get separate files of separate pieces of the roof rack.
That would be a huge help.
Thank you again for your work!!!

Hi. I heard of the collapse... that is really unfortunate... You can use Meshmixer to cut the mesh how you need it for your print. (Edit -> plane cut)

hola buenas tardes , consulta tengo problemas con el archivo de arduino no puedo cargarlo me sale error. desde ya mucas gracias

franchement top

Hey, would I be able to get your permission to sell printed copies of your dice towers? Would love to work something out with you.

Hey, would I be able to get your permission to sell printed copies of your dice towers? Would love to work something out with you.

hola buans noches consulta te puedoa hacer una consulta


Hi there, awesome stuff! I would like to print the pennywise night light, but can't see what size led I would need to purchase. Would you mind sharing that info? Thanks!

Hi, Thanks! I used 5 mm LEDs.

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Thank you!!

You're welcome. :)

I have sent you a mail on Friday. Have you not received it?

Hi, I tried to download the sound file to download the images of the car logo and it tells me that the .rar file is damaged and it won't let me download it. Can you send me the file to my email? Thank you very much.

Give me your email address. :)

Buenas, he intentado descargarme el fichero de sonido para bajarme las imagenes del logo del coche y me dice que el archivo .rar esta dañado y no me deja descargarlo. Puede enviarme el fichero a mi correo? Muchas gracias.

What's up? Love the face hugger. I've printed a few of the detailed ones. If you don't mind me asking. How long do you normally cure one.

I'm not sure what you mean. They are fdm printed.

Hi there. First congratulations on ECTO, it's just wonderful. I'm building the model and I have a question since I can't find the stickers to print. Could you send them to me? Thank you very much.

Hi! The picture is in the zip file.

i found the problem : i changed the Fastled library and it works !! :)

Ahhh! Good to hear! Sorry for the late reply. I looked into the code right now and was not able to see any issues. Looks great so far, by the way! :)

i almost finished the train
i tried the lights and i got different colors than yours
i mean in the back jet : yours are orange and mine are blue
what do you think ?
thank you

Hola me guta el modelo de tren solo quiero saber si es la versión de gambody

No it is not the Gambody version...

Your Jules Verne train zip file is also missing the 2nd lights stil. Same as the front pylon issue. these arnt reversable so you cant flip it over.

You need to print the files with M_ in the name mirrored as well. Not rotated.