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helllo i was wondering on your lil box how the latch works ?

i am unable to find the buffer peice for my mod9v2, can you point me in a direction to find it?

no buffer

Para bersa tenes ??

Mussy where can i find the file for this one... Also can i ask for you to work on something for a ruger lcp insert frame that works and lasts...

I have a few questions about your ,,MINI RONI (CARBINE CONVERSION FOR MOST GBB AIRSOFT PISTOLS)", is it easy to put the airsoft pistole in and out in the carbine conversion or do I have to screw it in place? And which screws are required for assembling the kit ? :)
With the best wishes


Hello, I was looking through your page at the MP5 prail stock and it’s an amazing design! Do you think it would fit on a MP5k? Also would it be possible to order a built one from you?

The files for the roni v3 are missing. Nothing uploaded.

hola soy faca de uruguay

Do you have an p rail adapter for the glock 19

Hey there for u possibly have the prints for a good looking ar pistol

Hello. I have enjoyed your designs very much and want to say thank you for your contributions specifically for the Airsoft community- good files are extremely rare in innovation for our community. Curious on how far you got with your design of the electric flash bang- currently developing my own design and components

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recommendation for your M16 jig - there are 2 weak points - 1.) the peg's strength varies based on infill pattern, this can be reinforced w/ a 2mm dowel pin with the existing hole. 2.) the 1/8" / 2.5mm hole is prone to wear quickly, which could lead to a faulty job. I recommend expanding the hole to 1/4 or 5/16" so that a 1/8" bushing can be inserted. Commercially available tools for this purpose make use of such bushings for this reason.

Hey would you be interested in creating a double drum mag that's 3d printable? I've been trying to make one but I can seem to get the right scale and the programs I've been using don't seem to do what I want them too. I've been collecting quite a few different things that might be helpful thanks for your time hope to hear from you

hoe kom ik bij deze groep dan Gun_Cad_Ideas

Hello, where can i find the stl for the extended endcap for the mod9 v2 and the hydraulic rc shock or do i need an 9in ak spring? Any help is appreciated.

Do you by chance have a full build guide for the trident 22

For the STOCK X (AR-15), what hardware is required to assemble? There are no instructions or assembly directions.

would love to learn from you how to print more stuff like this just starting so will love a kind teacher I can fall back on

Are you able to have it fit a 40. Cal Smith and Wesson M&P, might be a big ask just was wondering because you said that you would be willing to try to make it fit a size, also my name is Travis I am a Google reviewer and am willing to leave a review if this is something that can be done. I am in the top 5 % of reviewers on Google. Anyhow if this is an option let me know if be happy to give an opinion on your work and any future work if you want to send me new prints you are thinking of putting out. Thanks for trying if you do I appreciate it. Have an amazing day.

greetings you have incredible designs at some point has made a ronin kit for hi capa combat master or if you already have one that works for him

saludos tienes diseños increibles en algun momento a echo algun ronin kit para hi capa combat master o si ya tienes alguno que le sirva

Hey there, I was just curious if you know if this would fit a Taurus G2C PT111? Also amazing work by the way!

Thank you for your time,

Hello my friend, I was wondering if your roni kits would work for a functioning handgun chambered in 9mm. Thanks in advance, and I love your work!

can i have the working version of the 3d print?