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I've downloaded your nissan RB 26 engine. Whats the best way to seperate the block from the head. Tried meshmixer, didnt work.
Cheers, Adam.

You have a water pump in your Kaase promod engine file. Can not see how it is attached. Is it in the file folder by error?

Do you see the possibility of doing a kaase 427 cammer?

Have you done a blower belt to go with your engines? Thanks Mike

Hi, my engines usually dont have belts designed into them for several reasons, mostly for detailing and flexibility in fitting engines into various projects. the recommendation is to use painted tape for belts

I have bought the ford flat head motor file but cant get it to open, keeps telling me I have to purchase win zip and I don't want to do that. please help. also what scale is the file?

hi. the files are 1/24 in scale by design, but can be scaled up or down in the slicers. I upload the files in a .stl format so im not sure on the download options at your end. please recheck if you can download in any other format, otherwise i recommend contacting Cults for support

would it be ok to sell some ur stuff so i can buy more files from u thanks and god bless

hi, please contact me separately on to discuss

In your titan 2jz file you have 2 engine blocks but no transmission, was wondering if the blocks are different or you forgot to add the transmission (in pics it shows trans)?

Hi, the purchase is for the 2JZ engine only

On your lower drag control arms, Is it possible to make them shorter?

if it only needs a minor adjustment, have you tried resizing in your slicing program?

Hey, I had purchased the Twin Turbo LS last week, and then you added the other front cover. How do I redownload the files after I have purchased? I am clicking download but nothing happens lol. It's probably my internet being dumb but I thought I'd ask

Hi, there should have been an email sent out to anyone who had already purchased the files from CUlts, to notify them an update was available. if you cannot find the email, try going back to the listing (while logged into your cults account) and see if its available to download free. if not, just let me know and we will work something out

I purchased your Pat Musi Nitrous BBC Pro Mod Motor NOS Chev. and was wondering if you can make the file into sections because the one big section is too big for my printer.

hi, i think its possible, but i just need to understand what you are trying to do with it. are you printing a very big scale but your printer can only print sections at a time, or something else?

I am printing it at 1/25 scale but with it being all one section I have to angle it on its side and just wanted an easier and fast way on printing it.

Do you offer just a plain ls engine package?

hi, i dont offer stock LS motors. Theres plenty available. Check out SlowlysModels he has an LS3 style design and his designs are usually great quality

Hey! Purchased your twin turbo LS today and it is printing great. I do have one question...I am having a hard time seeing where or how the part labelled "front drive" is installed on the model. I see it has the distributor on this piece but not sure where it goes, thanks for any info!

HI there, ive added a 2nd front drive option on the LS listing which should help you

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Hey there, have you ever considered making a small block Chevy? I'd love to build one with 6 of your retro carbs on it.

Yes, there is a few in the works, just a long backlog

shows a transmission and complete pulleys with belt was assuming this was complete

on the 634 bbc

hey sorry to bother you. I downloaded the lsy TT V8. I have a problem withe the accessory drive, it seems to be the wrong one.

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I just bought it today and am having the same issue.

HI there, ive added a 2nd front drive option on the LS listing which should help you

Do you happen to have any files for 8 cylinder distributor caps?

i have an MSD Magneto file in my store which is 2 piece and is very simple to wire up

On the Reid Rossler can you make it one piece except the oil pans?

Hi Matty recently I purchased your RB30 for a Model 240z im building in 1/12 scale , I found out after printing all the parts that the turbo was hitting against the strut tower , and I cant use that motor for that build , as I need the strut top .. is there any way you can modify the exhaust for me please so that the turbo would sit further forward like around the exhaust port 1 .... so I can continue my build , I know its a big ask , but i dont have a computer good enough to even modify the exhaust file .. I love the motor and it looks good in the engine bay but now im at a dead end .. I also purchased your LSX twin turbo , and was thinking of going down that track instead but it wont fit either hahahaha , please let me know what your thoughts are

many thanks

hi John. I had a couple of similiar versions i was working on so i have added them to the listing. you should be able to download free from the email notification you recieve. hope that helps solve your build.

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thanks heaps , sorry to ask you for a change on the manifold .. it looks so good in the engine bay .. I will have to shoot you some pics

Hi Matty , I printed the manifold number 3 , it fits perfect ... I rushed out this morning and put it in place and the exhaust housing now fits on the manifold with out it hitting the strut tower , i can now get to fitting all the other stuff .. I just have to design and build a working 4 Link and a chassis for the rear end , I designed and printed my own Diff that works well , I just need to Hang it .. the model is starting to come together now Im super happy thank you again

ps if you , happen to release the chassis that you have been working on at any time could you let me know please. i know you have been working on a back log of stuff but should the tube chassis be released ide be keen for it

Hello Matty,
I purchased your LS LSX TRU TRACK BILLET ENGINE BELT SYSTEM WITH BRACKETS PULLEYS and I'm excited to print them, however, it appears there a couple stray items that end up either outside the build plate or quite a ways off the plate. Is it possible to edit the file to relocate or remove those? I have a screenshot of chitubox adding supports to these items if you'd like to see it here or on Insta. Thanks

Hi there & apologies for that. It was a version management issue on my end. Ive now updated the listing and added an extra 1-pce option also. Hope that helps

Thank you for your reply. There appears to still be a small hardware bit that's extended quite a ways above the belt adjuster (50,000 layers per chitubox). Also, do you have a recommendation on what percentage to scale the new upload to get 1/25th?

Another thought, I've been playing with the one piece pulley set and I'm having a hard time keeping the pulleys on. I've added a 6-8 supports from the back of the pulley to bracket. I'm losing the faces on some of them even after reducing the lift speed to 60mm/min. Perhaps I need to reduce that even more? Maybe there's another setting I'm missing.
Would it make more sense to have the individual pulleys split up so they can be easily turned on their side?

hi. loose piece & scaling fixed. Apologies for that. for the printing can i suggest using the auto-support function in chitu to see where it places them, then use that as a guide to place your own. The faces usually print pretty good, but you could check the layer height to make sure its printing the right level of detail?

Any plans for a 9in ford axle?

Hi, yes soon!

Holla. Are you able to separate the dominator carbs from the tunnel ram on the kaase ford bb engine? It's a little hard for detailing.

rb_luv180 @hotmail .com

Updated the post to include the separated files.

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I downloaded the lsx twin turbo model and i can't find the block in the files

Hi, i just re-checked the advertisement, and the model of the block is there - the block, heads, and valley pan are all 1 piece. Try rechecking the advertisement page in case there is something that wasnt downloaded, or your download files area. If you use a thumbnail view you should see it as a top view with the 2 "X" pattern shapes of the valley cover

Lsx twin turbo I see all the accessories but not block

as responded above

i have down loaded the lowrider pumps it looks like there is only one side of it is there suppose to be more

hi. as i mention in the description, it is 1 side, but the other side is exactly the same, some you can copy/paste a mirrored version in your slicer. hope that helps

Do you have the complete engine file

Are you referring to a pre-assembled engine model?