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Hi I just got the STL for the LittleTup box. I wanted to get som advice on how best to print and which files to print? Can I assume all the CAPS files are to be printed together?
Apologies, if I have missed any instructions.

It all depends on the type of printer you have. I printed them in fdm. The Box portion lays flat on the bed. I personally printed the doors standing up with just the two upper corners missing I printed the two corners separately standing vertically . no supports with brims. There are two different lid types. A plain lid and a lid with the weyland Enterprises logo. I provided the picture to see the orientation layout that I print then with. There is also assembly video link in the description. As for the files provided I have the front door fully assembled to be printed it once depending on how calibrated your printer is. Or printed separately 4 people who have problems with over Extrusion and overhangs. A good place to start to test the ability of your printer would be the file named THREE PART DOOR EASY PRINT. If you're able to break those parts free then I would move on to printing files Top-LH and TOP-RH. And finally BOX BOTTOM. I hope this helps and thank you for your support.

Hi I just got the STL for the LittleTup box. I wanted to get som advice on how best to print and which files to print? Can I assume all the CAPS files are to be printed together?
Apologies, if I have missed any instructions.

The Storage Box worked really well.

Thank your for your download I hope you enjoy it and if you use Instagram please tag me if you post it!
Thanks again

I'll see what I can do about the autism bear. Thank you for the suggestion. Any particular pose?

Folgen die anderen Charaktere von Golden Axe noch.
Lg. Kai

Awesome thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate it . More to come.

My friends love your no care bears! I've got them all, now to print them all! Awesome work, keep it up!

I love the no care bears. You said to message with ideas. I would be estatic if you could do first responder ones. A paramedic, a fire fighter and a police officer.

Hello, I saw your robot finger extensions and was wondering if the parts would fit on a printer with a build volume of 120x120x120mm?

i got some ideas for your no care bear collection
greed bear, lust bear, gluttony bear, covid bear, opium bear, coke bear

the scare bears, joker bear, freddy kugger bear, vemon bear

cant wait to see them

Hi, I love your fork and mostly bust's from amazon series The Boys. Don't you plan to make Queen Maeve too?


I saw the modification you made to the OWL - WALL KEY HOLDER file. I really liked it. Could you share?

Hello Littletup, we liked your products. You are an amazing designer. We would like to produce and sell some of them. -of course after buying each of them- do you mind if we use your pictures? If you accept we will be so happy my friend. Thanks in advance :) best regards.

Thanks for the pattern, I am building it for a friend.

Hellow Littletup, I am interested in the articulated fingers/hands and was interested in if you have a package deal for multiple of them? Thanks for the cool models.

Do you sell your fingers on Etsy or CG Trader? your bone fingers would just complete my character

cults3D has me blocked

FIRESTW152 thank you for downloading. For assembly you can look at my bone fingers assembly guide also there is a video link in my Instagram which shows you how to assemble the bone fingers. Which in principle has the exact same design as the dragon claws. I hope that helps you as far as assembly. Each full plate setup has all the parts on each plate that you need for one finger. I highly recommend printing the full plate because the pieces or orientated in the correct way for scaling so you can size of the fingers more properly to your hands. I added separate pieces for any failed pieces printed so you didn't have to reprint the whole plates. There are five different finger types you can print please refer to the pictures. Thank you if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to email me directly.

Hello, I was wondering if there was any build instructions for the articulated dragon fingers? Or a print guide im not sure if im suppose to print everything in the folder or not.

Wow good idea, not sure have to tinker around with it.

hi there, I'm fairly new to this site and hobby, i was just curious how difficult would it be to make an articulated model of the predators mandibles that articulate by opening and closing the jaw?

ok thank you

Below are the links to finger assemble videos. If you watch them both you will be able to assemble all the different fingers I have posted. Hope This helps.

on the robot finger page you said that there was a construction video on your insta but I can't find a link or anything.

Awesome work!


Tarman Zombie, Brilliant well done

bro i have a robo fingers i recently bought and printed how do i make the palm setup? like you did in the video? you didnt show the step by step how to do it so can you teach me please?

hey mate, could I get the stl for just the links in the bone fingers. Im printing in SLA and joining everything before printing, also scaling to 75%. SLA resin doesn't melt for the pins, so its kind of a waste, and putting everything on a single plate at 75% would be really awesome.

I downloaded your Articulated Dragon Claws. Awesome project BTW. Can you tell me which files to print? There are a LOT of files in that project. Are they all needed or just a subset of the files? Any information is greatly appreciated. I look forward to many more of your projects.

I absolutely love your articulated finger designs! Just purchases the bone fingers and I cannot wait to print them out! I'll keep you updated with progress!

Hi! Im new to 3d printing and designing. Im wondering what programs do you use to create your gadgets? Your stuff is awesome to by the way!

Hi! I bought Robo Blades Fingers and Articulated Dragon Claws from you, but I can't download them. When you download each of these purchases, the file size reaches 1-1. 2 GB and breaks off. Sometimes it reaches up to 3 GB. Please tell me if I can download them in a different way? and what is the size of these archives?

Robo is but it only has one style of finger no thumb style finger . dragon 2.0 has multiple styles

hello what is your latest version for articulated fingers? dragon bones or robo?

Hi I paid for your dragon finger design and im a little confused about the arms and pins do they work with all the designs for this model

Dragon clown 2.0 file? Payment?

Full pieces of the three knuckle finger are updated. Let me know how the resin printing comes out.

Any chance you can split all the individual pieces into their own file? I'll be printing on a resin printer and I can't orient them for printing when each file contains multiple pieces.

Hi Fistthewizard
Thank you. I'm glad you like to design. I updated it With the thumb. As for the changes I'll see what I can do. What did you have in mind? Also, I will be updating The file once more with two more designs mostly Aesthetics with one less joint like the thumb. They should be up sometime tomorrow.

Hi Littletup! I just bought your articulated fingers and I'm really happy with the design. Would it be possible to "hire" you to make some changes to it?

I absolutely love your articulated fingers, I'm planning on printing a set for a halloween costume as the grim reaper. Is there any ETA on when the thumb will be ready? I've been looking everywhere after finding someone's similar set that they only sell printed copies of.

Super super excited to try these out!