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I'm having trouble getting the print to stay adhered to the print bed, I've tried increasing the bed, the nozle temperature and the print speed. Also tried two print beds. Do you have any ideas. I have a Ender 3 V2 with auto leveling.
Thanks Richard

I would reduce the print speed and increase the support density. Also print with a raft.

Thanks for your hard work, I now can make this gift for a very happy person.

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Can I get .SLDPRT files?

I had no problem printing the rock. Every time I try to print the wolf, it does not stick. I have made other things but only the wolf does not stick. Bed is leveled and I raised the bed temp to 70 degrees Celsius. Any other recommendations?

once again adding onto above. There seems to be a flaw. Needs more of a base for the Howling wolf. Trying to add it on and I suspect the file is defective. See if can correct or refund please.

I purchased your 'Wolf on a Log' model. I cannot get Cura to slice the model. It tries but then simply says 'unable to slice'.

Any advice or other file types you can share?

Found download in my mail, downloaded & stored when I get brown filament I will post picture.

I paid for the file where is it?

I checked and the zip file is still there. I don't know what the problem would be.

Hi there!! Is it possible to use the root skull as a mask?
Thanks in advance and kind regards

Is there a way to directly contact you? I have a project that I am certain you can help me with after I saw your bear model!!

Yes! There are two versions included where the bear is one piece and the base is separate.

Love the bear model! Great job - do you have one of the files where the bear is in one piece except for the base? In the files the bear is split up in all of them - thanks!