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Hello, I need a sign that says FUELTEX RACING TEAM, I sent you an email with specifications, thank you very much!

Thank you so much for my order, just going to put another couple in now

Hallo. hast du auch einSet mit groß und kleinbuchstaben und zahlen 0-9
lieben dank

Hi, could I please order another name from you, I need the word INSPIRE doing please

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Hi, just dropped you another email pal

Bom dia.

E possível fazer os nomes: Constança e Camila? Já há o Camila na base de dados, mas receio que o tipo de letra não seja bem igual.


Ok, já coloquei a CAMILA. Fica a faltar a CONSTANÇA. Um trabalho extra com a cedilha :)

Hey HS Studio, I was wondering what you would charge me to make the 3d files for a 3d marquee led light. I want to do Ironaman with font like this.
I want to make a sign for the wall and add my own leds. I have a flashforge adventurer 3 so Each letter would have to be individual so I could maximize size and also have a hole in each letter for mounting and wire passthrough. thanks!

Hola buenos días .. podrías hacerme el nombre Jesús por favor. es mi correo muchas gracias

Buenos dias, no encuentro el nombre de Rubén con acento en la é o sin acento, solo vi Rúben con acento en la ú.
Me podrias hacer Ruben sin acento.
Un saludo.

Hallo, können Sie mir den Namen Lenja erstellen?

Vielen Dank im vorraus

Hey mate!

Im very interessted in your 3D name stl! Could you create one for me? The name is JORIS .

I have sent you a mail.

Thanks & Br,

How much for TECH345 T3CH345 and BOXY345
Email at

Hallo habe mir zwei Namenslampen runter geladen, würde sie gerne an der Wand befestigen. Welche druck ich da am besten?

use the wall version. The lamp look flat behind and can attach to the wall without spaces or steps.

Verwenden Sie die Wandversion. Die Lampe sieht hinten flach aus und kann ohne Zwischenräume oder Stufen an der Wand befestigt werden.

Also alle Dateien bei wall? Muss man zur Wandmontage dann selber Löcher in die Buchstaben bohren?

im looking for the nameled CHRISTOPHER ive tried emailing but keep getting errors

Hello. Did you sent email to my address

i was able send it by gmail

Vale serían 5 euros por cada nombre,se podría añadir,un dibujo de algo una estrella,un corazón o algo así?que tamaño sería en total?

Yo es un poco difícil,tengo 4 sobrinos y claro si lo hago para uno tengo q hacerlo para todos.
Mis sobrinos se llaman
Esos nombres los tiene?si no pásame presupuesto por favor y las medidas

Se pueden hacer todos los nombres :)
El coste de cada nombre individual es de 5 €. Podemos organizar los detalles por correo electrónico:

Please Name

please. thanks!

We can arrange the details by email:

I bought the Café sign but I have a hard time seeing the difference between the wall and table version. Will you explain the difference to me? Thanks in advance.

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Please Name: Danielle and minie head. Thanks (She is a baby)

Ola, estes simbolos ' ! ? @#$©`?/ã...., tanto para Arial como para Kids.....seria possível

Ola, estes simbolos ' ! ? @#$©`?/ã...., tanto para Arial como para Kids.....seria possível

Hello everyone, i Need an Name lamp with Name of my daughter: Elfie
Is this possible?

Thank you so much.

Hello my friend, i buy FONT NAMELED - FUN KIDS - CREATE ALL WORDS IN LED LAMP , can i have one stl for the " . "

are you kidding me? I have seen some people who try to make a living and overcharging for prints. BUT YOU are not one of those people. Some $23 for the ENTIRE alphabet? That is down right cheap and a great deal. THANK YOU for all the work you have done to present this. I am going to make names for a couple people in my Senior Apt building.