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Thank you, your models are beautiful :D

I am wondering if its ok to sell them as a physical 3d printed model?

Can you upload an stl of the "chillin phone stand" without the stand or base part? Just the woman is all I need. Thanks in advance!

So, I printed it !
It was really difficult to remove the supports in the mouth but the details are amazing !
Really really nice design !
I love it ;)

Oh !
I just saw your answer ! Really sorry, I thought the site would send me a notification ...
I just tried to slice it with another slicing programm and apparently it worked ^^
I will try to print it tomorrow !
Anyway, thanks for your answer :)

Hello, depending on your computer it can take a couple minutes to load the model into Cura. I always put the files in there first to see if they work. I have a Ryzen3 3100 and it needs 2-4 minutes. Is sometimes looks frozen too.
The reason for the size is the mesh density. I had the issue with some missing details after combining the models with their hair.

I bought this file from you yesterday :
I saw in the description that the STL is huge but it run an error in my slicing programm.
Is it because of the huge size of the file ?
Anyway, is there a reason why this file is this huge ?
I don't want to bother you but your file is really appealing, I want to print it but I'm unable to do it and I don't know why :(
Thanks in advance,
Have a great day