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Hello Felix I was wondering what happened to your Windup Toy Automaton STL file? I could not find it anywhere.

No shops sell Kroot in my country so I am missing the torsos. It's a shame, hopefully the torsos for the riders come out one day as an "alternative torso" pack.

you are awesome

Hi, I am making my very first baby steps in Blender and have been using some bits from the creative commons d'oot Wagon. I just wanted to say thanks. The speakers and horns are a bit beyond my current skill level so I've been mixing yours into parts for a Noise Marine baneblade.

Am I missing the file for the bodies for the cannibal chickens?


I’m wanting to print a great knarloc with bolt thrower (2 mounted kroot) for my brothers birthday and couldn’t see a model on your page - is this available?

Best regards,


both hull pieces on your flying hoover vac are comng up invaild

I heard your story man, I just want to wish you the best of luck in your life and may God bless you. You do so much for this community. Thanks.

Kroot are back in style with the new Kill Team box set. I love your cannibal chickens, not as good as Popeyes Chicken, but a solid second. I was wondering if you could make a leader head and torso to look like a Native American (First Nation) leader, with a war bonnet and bone vest. Thank for all the free downloads.

Your sculpts are amazing. I’m just starting a tau army that I wanted a bit of stranger things influence any chance you have considered making a Demogorgon like head for the Kroot?

Hi Felix,

I am planning to print the BloodBowl crew for my team and I would like to ask if there is any chance you put a version of the coach and the apothecary with the different models in separate files? It would help a lot for printing and especially for painting.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.



Great work on models, just love them!
I have a quick question, as I am going into Custodes models now and I have downloaded your model INTERSTELLAR ROMAN JANITORS' POD RACIN' WAGON - and not sure if it is just missing in the package but I cannot find Right Engine - Only left.
I was wondering if you could have a look and let me know if I am missing something or maybe there is file missing and share it with me.

Have a great day!
Marceli Fokt

bonjours ou peux ton trouver le corp de kroot qui va sur votre big knarloc
merci d avance

Is there the blazing variant of INTERSTELLAR JANITORS PEACE LOVING SCUFF-LESS HOVER BUFFER or parts for it?

Hey i got your posable lower legs and i was wondering if you had the upper leg or knew where i could find the file for the upper leg

Hello Very nice work, I really like your job, I would like to know if you have the brother of this "INTERSTELLAR JANITOR'S ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN' DUAL HOOVERING FLYING FLOOR VAC" ?

I do not. I had moved on to other projects by the time it came out, and I though it was kind of ugly. I remember someone had started working on one based on my model, but that was a couple years ago and I have no idea who it was or if they finished it.

Thanks for your fast answer, I have found the rear part and this is compatible with your work but the Fuselage fore do not match ... ( Do you think it's possible to just adapt the current version of the fuselage fore of the original model ? in this case that will complete the work ;-)

I don't have any plans on revisiting that model. But there's never a bad time to start to learn 3d modelling!

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I think it's good idea, just need to find the time ;-)

I was reaching out to see if there was any way I could get you 5 finger death punch file? Heard it got removed but I'd love to pay you for it if I could still get it somehow?

Hi do you still have the files for the Crew for the ANGRY AIR - FRUGAL DISPLEASED SOLDIER DEPLOYMENT VESSEL?

hope your surgery went alright! rooting for you!

Do you have any assembly instructions for the INTERSTELLAR JANITORS PEACE LOVING SCUFF-LESS HOVER BUFFER

Hi, you know that mageara/styrix carapace thats on that knight in a couple of your files pics, did you make that file?
If so, will you ever post/sell it?
If not, could you say where you got it?
Ive been looking for the a magaera file forever and that looks brilliant

Cheers for all your cool work, Oscar 🤙

Would you ever do Necromunda appropriate arms for the Kroot?