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Do you offer any licensing? For people that would be interested in printing your files for sale?

Bonjour, je trouve votre travail remarquable . Il me tarde de les imprimer et de les peindre, j'espère vous arrivez à l'orteil. Juste deux questions , combien de temps vous il vous a fallu pour imprimer le bâtiment et combien de grammes de plastiques vous a été nécessaire? Merci à bientôt


I didn't aim for a specific scale - as being aimed at wargame figures of 28mm scale there is a large variance, so I create them by eye. They are around 1:64 -> 1:72 (ish)

Cheers IanH


Can you tell me on which scale from the original buildings, the 3D buildings are made ? ( Like; 1:87 or 1:32 etc etc ).

Thanks in advance.


All the character silhouettes should be in the file of "RIPPER'S LONDON - THE CHARACTERS". See the same file in Thingiverse if you want to download individual ones...

Do you have a separate file for the people silhouette that you show with your Ripper sets?

I’m sorry, I don’t - but the pictures should give you a full view of the part placing. If you require a picture from a particular angle, please let me know. Good luck and regards. IanH

bonjour auriez vous un schema de montage des vos creations de boutiques londonniennes .merci de votre reponse