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acabo de comprar tu version vienen en parametros de impresion diferentes

Hi! I resently downloaded your model of the whale flowerpot and just wanted to ask for your permission to upload photos of the printing to my 3d printing instagram account, of course with the links for the model and for your profile.
P.D: What an amazing collection of designs, you are awesome.

me gustaría utilizar el modelo de Airoman y Gozilla para comercializar, hago unos cuadritos pequeños con bustos, les quito la base y le hago un corte para pegarlo ¿me das permiso por favor?
un saludo.

Hello I am looking for someone who can make a stl.file or obj file of a custom American Bull trophy.

Would you be willing to make custom 3D models from 2D images?

Hello. I want to contact you for a work. How i can do it?

My name is Rafel.

Good morning i ask for pans labirint, Is possible have without beard and hair?

Necesito que me orientes en parámetros de impresión usados para tu modelo "LOL : Baron nashor" porque me piden presupuesto de impresión de tu diseño.
Tengo impresoras ARTILLERY X1

Si podes decime un estimado de material usado y de horas de impresión de todo el modelo.


Nazareno Ekerdt

The stand/pole for the Blue whale is damaged. It is massive and doesn't render correctly. I think its corrupt or something


I need 3 types of snake heads:
- with opened mouth (jaws)
- with half opened mouth (jaws)
- with closed mouth
You have already the snake crotalus = rattlesnake. The size should be approx. 35 mm.
Can you do it.

Best regards

Do you do commisioned work? I need a 3D frigate bird created in a CAD STL file

Do you have the hawkman helmet, shoulder, armor and weapon for able to wear?

do you have any charizard 3d for sale?

что то твои бесплатные модели не скачать ЛОХОТРОН

Can you upload the link again? Its expired

Congratulations, my print your design won "Cults "print of the week" (shark). Thats 2 in 3 weeks

Congratulations, my print your design won "Cults "print of the week" (Turtle)

Hi, I purchased 2 orders from you, but they are missing files. Can you resend it to me? Thanks. There are "Super Buu" and "Venom".

podrias disenar casco ironman de la pelicula ending game m
creo es mark 85 .gracias

podes disenar el casco nuevo de ironman mark 85 i cuanto cuesta

Hello, I've bought your skeleton skull from Berserk, it's awesome. I've got one question, what's the diffrence between the two files ?
have a nice day.


I like your designs, will you do jewelry designs for me ?

Thank you

This douche on Thingiverse is stealing designer's work and reuploading them.

I reported every one of his uploads but only the creator can do a DMCA claim:

BTW great designs and I'd love to feature a print of yours on my YouTube channel sometime in the future if you were interested: