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just a quick one, how do you get the lock hinges to stay in, i open mine and it all falls apart


I believe you are referring to the battery case ammo. The solution is to scale up the lever connector by 0.5-1% (different printer have different tolerances so trial and error is needed, also it's just a quick print). It should click in place.

thankyou for the assist, i am new to printing so auto presume everything is the same, i'll reprint at larger size till i get a snug fit. thankyou and love the print.

No problem. Thank you for downloading and happy printing!

Hi @fedeher2010. Unfortunately i can't find any blade in stock from amazon, however i've updated the site for aliexpress but i'm not sure about the shipping though.

One alternative for the blade is to use a soda can. Cut a long strip and fold it to fit inside the insert. Then cut small triangles at the edge. Note that the triangles need to be stiff enough to withstand the pulling force. The objective is to have at least one strong pointy edge to start the tear.

hi iam from mexico i just bougth your vhs dispenser tape model, it came out perfect the only problem is the blade is out of stock. do ypu have any idea how can be replace