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cant pay with paypal

You can use any brand of tpu the best is ninja tek, but also are the or 3d best Q

can u give me name the filment ?

Hi,you need to use a tpu( flexible) filament with low in fill for soft feeling

I printed it but it's solid

Hi. Use tpu, infill I recomend 15 to 20%

im new printer can u give the profiles

Is ready to use after print.

guestion,do you use it right out of the printer using tpu or just as a mold ?

The soft of the print depend of the infill. Try use a low infill , and recommend also use some lube

Hey Darkas2, have you found any flexible or tpu that was soft enough to enjoy ?

Use cross or concentric infill for tpu filament. I use cura.

Hi, what type of infill to print please ? Tks ;)

I recommend use the default size, I you need a bigger, use the scale option in cura, 110% And a low infill to have a softer texture.
Thanks to you for the support.

Many thanks for the flat version. Is my ... to big or I the scaling to small (I import in Cura without modifications)?

Love your molds! What program do you use to create them? Also about how much silicone is used in creating a fleshlight after I print the mold? Sorry, super new to all this

sure no problem, i add a flat versions for better print. please tell me if that fix it.


i bought your sextoys fleshlight set but it's not possible for me to print, because the beginning isn't plane. Can you please send me the files with plane print beginning? If not possible please refund.

Thanks & Krgds

Hi. Print in tpu or other soft material.

Hello, from what material is it better to print your models on a 3D printer so that they are soft?