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Someone is Sharing ur STL (the phonestand Women) for free on Facebook.

Yeah sadly it happens on a daily basis. I send out requests to have them removed and often falls on deaf ears until I have to report the posts to FB, which I feel really cool doing 😑😅


This will not download says I have no internet connection. How come I sent this

You will have to inquire with Cults3D Directly or probably check with your firewall settings. That isn't an issue I can technically assist with.

It’s all ok now I am sorted. Thanks

Hey mate,

Had a great time painting the Boobjob Pen-Holder, my father in law wanted one too, so I printed another for him! Great work! Hahaha,

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looking for a petite girl with small breasts laying down

If you print the model with FDM, flat on the bottom, you will not need supports at all.

If you are printing with a resin printer, you will need supports if printing flat does no work for you.

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Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

Hi, Thank you for inquiring before just selling them. Currently, no. I do not offer Commercial licences for any of my designs as of right now. I have my own mid scale print farm workshop that I produce and sell physical prints worldwide of my own designs already.

Though, not intended to get hopes up, but likely in 2023 I will be setting up a patreon for commercial sellers to buy into while I start to focus on only designing to alleviate excessive work from myself.

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Just wanted to bump this up as I have painted your models in Bambu Studio, printed them in full color, and they look AMAZING. I would gladly subscribe to your Pateron, pay a licencing fee, or even a percentage of sales directly related to your work.

When I can get back to sculpting new adult content in the near future, I was planning to open this up for licensing. In the meantime I am bogged down with contracts so it will be some time still.

Hello! I came across your work, it's amazing. I wanted to buy one 3D model, but the service does not accept payments from the Russian Federation. I wrote to support and they said they can't help. Tell me, can I somehow personally pay you for the files to print? Thanks

my options are through this site or paypal.

Heya, i bought this model and it's perfect for holding my pens. But my you please add a No-Big-Holes-Version just as model without this huge place between her cheeks?

Unfortunately i likely won't be modifying my currently released models again until I've had time to start releasing new models. As much as I appreciate my customer and fans support here this my secondary business so it takes a little bit of less priority. So most of my models here are mostly just one offs.

Hi there, I wanted to reach out and see if you take commissions for 3d models! I would love a Boo with a dick to accompany your goomba and bowser models!

I don't currently take commissions. My workload just ended up getting too large. But I do have a Boo design planned. I dont have any idea when it will come to the top of the list though.

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Hel I o. I was wondering if it would be possible to get copies of your Boobjob Pen Holder files without the hole in the sculpts. Just cleavage. I have purchase the original files as well as other files from you, which are fantastic. I just want to be able to print and paint these as display pieces without the pen hole. Thank you for your time.

hi can you make also a version with a smaller hole ? i need all versions with a hole of 5mm..
i will use it for my allen keys :-)


For the most part I can only except PayPal outside of the options already provided by cults3D. I'm not sure of that will help you though.

Hey, there seems to be an issue with 1B model of the "Transgender lady phone/tablet holder" as shown in this pic:
The support for the member seems to be incorrect. All the other versions of the model were fine with the supporting structure hidden underneath, except for this one.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it as soon as I can.

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Hey. I purchased both the thicc ass pen holder and the male booty pen holder but was wondering if it was possible to have the fishnets applied to the male booty pen holder model. I would love to see the cumming model with garter and fishnets.

Unfortunately I dont currently have plans to update my current models further. But I did have eventual plans to release more of both mail and female selection. This is however my secondary store. My primary, family friendly stuff is currently getting my attention until I can set aside more time over here.

Hey there, I really like your designs, made me laugh a lot, printed them as gifts for my friends and everybody loves it. You are an absolute genius. I would like to start 3d sculpting, after being inspired by your work. I come from engineering background so I have worked in Fusion, Inventor, SolidWorks, but what software are you using, and where do you suggest I begin?

Hi there! I actually use Blender for all of my work. I actually don't have experience in any of those other programs, but for organic work most people will recommend blender, maya or Zbrush. I like blender the most as it provides a nice mix of geometric and organic modelling, but Zbrush is probably the best for just sculpting. I don't have experience with maya, but it is highly suggested from what I've heard.

As far as blender goes at least, id suggest Grant Abbit on youtube. Hes a very good teacher. Though a lot of his stuff is for animation or video games, which doesnt translate well for 3d printing, the majority of the info is relevant for modelling and sculpting.

Why can't you see those pen holders on your homepage

Sorry, Im not sure I understand your inquiry

i take the peach model, is so good, but i cant find the nau ghty gooma just the normal one in the set

Hey, I was pretty sure I uploaded it, but upon inspection I see it wasnt there after all. I added the file now. Thanks for the support!

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tnx, amazing!

Hello, I love the models! I downloaded the male pen holder set for my boyfriend and they're amazing! Have you also done a male set with the lingerie on? Would love to have that as well, and happy to pay!


I love your designs and have bought a few, just wanted to say that you inspired me to uploaded some old models I made for fun ages ago and even though they aren't as good as yours they've had a positive reaction, even a couple of sales!

Just wanted to say thanks for doing what you do!

Hey! thats awesome! im glad I could give ya some encouragement! hopefully it keeps you inspired to work on new fun projects as well!

Porte stylo pour seins
Je reviens une nouvelle fois vers vous. Envisagez vous de modifier la partie du torse en haut des seins. Les deux bosse sont vraiment disgracieuses on a l'impression que 2 prothèses un été collées sur des seins plus petits. Par pitié redisingnez cette partie du modele, je n'est jamais vue une poitrine comme ça. Au cas ou ça n'est pas envisageable et bien tan pis pour moi la prochaine fois je regarderais plus attentivement le modele avant d'acheter

I do not plan on modifying this model further. She's a cartoon character and that aesthetic choice was mine to make. I wont be changing it. If you don't like it, Cults 3D has a return policy you can refund your purchase with if its been less then 30 days of you purchase.
I am fortunate enough to run my own business which extends further then this content and more so just this one site. I do not have the time to change every model I make to the specifications of each individual. This is my art. If you aren't pleased with it, you are very welcome to not purchase from me.

n'arrive pas a le mettre dans le panier pour l'achat

I'm sorry if you are having issues with the cults3D you may want to contact them. I only have control over my uploads. I do not have control over the websites payment process at all.

Bonjour très bon modèle mais pour l'instant pas encore imprimer, je trouve qu'au niveau du torse en haut des seins les deux bosses sont disgracieuses et c'est pas très réaliste. Une amélioration serait la bien venue.

Excusez moi je parlais du modèle porte stylo pour seins

No, sorry. all of my files are still currently non-commercial licences.

But why ?

Firstly because its in my legal right to keep it that way. But more importantly because I sell printed copies of all my models world wide already myself on my etsy store. As this is a large part of my lively hood, it makes more sense for me to not give the rights to sell to competitors.

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I see no problem, what would you charge me to design something and sell the slt. file and all the right to it, I'm looking for someone I that can deal with

Currently I'm not taking any commissions for design as I have a pretty large backlog as it is. (which is also why I havent added much here for a little while.) But on average I usually charge around $30/h (CAD). $300-1200 is a pretty average price range to buy the design with the rights depending on the concept and amount of detail that goes into it.

Pago 100% seguro con PayPal o Tarjeta de Crédito.