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Hope this message finds you well.
Do you do commissions at all? There are a few pieces I need for my custom successor chapter designing?
Thank you!

just wanted to let you know, that the supported version of DH_P2_SH1 has four phantom supports, that don't attach to anything.
I really like the desing and am curious, how they'll look printed...

Kind regards from Germany,


Could you make a Gloomy Angel compatible lightning claw set? :) Or just de-chaosifi the Midnight Lord sets :)

They would look fantastic on my proxies :)

Maybe try a three bladed variant with a slightly sleeker power fist too :P

Good day, I have recently purchased all of your War Sisters options and I think they’re great!
I was wondering if you had any plans on expanding on them with more specialists like a medic with a surgical saw option and an exactor option with neural whips?
There are more options I’d like to see for use as Novitiate sisters proxies such as staves but these are the main ones I suggest adding.
I’d be happy to pay a comission fee before purchasing that bundle.

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Good day, I'll pass your request to our designer.

Hi was wondering with the lighting cakes arms are they only available as right handed lighting claws or is there a left handed ones in the packs

Ps absolutely love your sculpts they are awsome

Hi! You can simply mirror them and at the touch of a button they will become left-handed :)

hello interested in ordering the set of war sisters heads. I will be using it for the 7 inch mcfarlane warhammer figures and would like to know if i could scale them to fit and would look ok in that bigger scale. thoughts ? or have you already tried it ?
thanks !

In fact, initially these heads were larger, so we reduced them so that they fit the original models of the Sisters. I think there shouldn't be any problems with scaling up. The main thing is to check the supports.

Love the Hydra Legio heads! Ever think of doing a "hoodless" version? Would smash the purchase button faster than the speed of light.

I'll pass it to our designer ;)


Any plans for more jungle fighters?

maybe in 4Q 2022