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Merci pour le suivi

hola no pude hacer la descarga, el pago se cobro 3 veces de mi tarjeta, necesito la devolución que debo hacer....

hola he tenido un problema con la descarga ya habiendo efectuado el pago de la misma

wut up! i did mick and jim although at 50% but still pretty sic! ever try clowns 99 mask?

@SKULL971 Did what i could, added a solid version w/ and without base of Constantine
You should be able to download it again, and the files will be in there.

Hello, I bought the John Constantine figurine print files. The work is superb, congratulations.
But there is not the file in one piece. I want to print it in 28mm and I am missing this file. Could you send it to me at this address:

Here is my order number: # 11400259

i have 2 screenshots of the 2 operations of buy and message with admin of cults if you need

hi i buy 2 times you mask of jim root and i cant download the stl. please can you resolve it?

Sorry for anyone with requests. For the moment i have had alot of trouble finding the time to continue my hobby. But i am grateful for the support!

Sure thing! I'd love to see it ! Big Jojo fan!

Hey there, I'm making a jojo fan project (un-monetized) and was curious if I could use the stone mask model in a trailer. Paid for and credited and linking to whatever profile/pages you request.

I have an animator that would animate as part of the trailer, as well. If you approve. Thanks! And stay healthy!

Hi! I’m currently making an evil xena cosplay and downloaded your sword and saw you make files too! I’m been trying to find the beads and coins on her hat but am unable to find anything close to what I need. Wondering if it’d be something you’d be down to create?! For reference if you googled evil xena it’s the first pic with the coin chest plate.

you said request.... so here it is... i need a monkey bust... not a horror monkey, or a cute cartoon monkey... just a monkey

love the Xena sword. I'm looking for a slide for my 92FS. wanna give it a try?

Sounds good! I'd be happy to. I'm not sure how a mask will turn out yet, but I'm sure I can make something

Hii i downloaded your Nose models and they're awesome! You could make something like an Khajit from Skyrim?Maybe a mask, or just the nose would help a lot, I want to cosplay one!

Ty for the good work :)