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hi , the model is only split and keyed , unfortunately there are no pre supported print files

Hey Master Jedi, what’s up! Thanks a lot for your purchase!

We invite you to take a look at our Patreon:
With your subscription, you will get our welcome pack with:

  1. Mandalorian Sculpture 1/6 tested and ready for printing
  2. Mandalorian Bust ¼ tested and ready for printing
  3. Han Solo 1/6 tested and ready for printing.
  4. Han Solo ¼ tested and ready for printing.

Each month we will release ONE Sculpture and ONE Bust based on Star Wars. You will receive links to your STL files tested & ready for printing directly to your inbox by the 30th of August. The August Term is CHEWBACCA

Thanks a lot for your love and support, and may the force be with you!

works perfect! thanks!

Hello mate, i do a fix on "Jaws Bruce The Shark 3D print model", now you can redownload the pack! Let me know if it work!

Yes. The upper and down teeth archives doesn´t open. "error code: 0x80004005". The other archives are ok.

hi friend, i will check the problems you found on the model, it is weird because other people bought the model and had no problem printing it, what problems do you have ?, the file does not open?

Hi: I have bought your jaws model the last month, but the upper and down teeth archives are malfunctioning, i can`t open them. Can you send me the correct archives. thanks.

Hi mate, yes I accept commission, the pricing depending on the model, if you are interested send me a message on FB with relative images so I can make the price :)

Hi, great work. Do you take commissions? If so, what is your pricing?

hi friend, i can't go under 25

Hey bro ı want to buy your both harry and voldemort figure can we bargain little ı have just 20 euros and ı want to buy both of them