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I'm making a custom Ash action figure in the 5.5 inch scale using parts from Funko's Savage World horror figures and their DC Primal Age line. But I need a double barrel shotgun in scale to the figure. Is there any way you could possible remodel this design as one solid print object and scale it to maybe 2 1/2- 3" in length? If so, whatbwould you charge for the file?

Hi! I think I can make a scaled version of this gun. But first I need to finish my current project. Do you have a dedline?

Hi there,

I am looking at your Phaser Type II from Star Trek III & wonder if you can help me as in i like to put a 6.5mm Red Laser Beam in the Main Body & have a USB Micro B Socket at the back to put a Small Charging Board with a 1.2 Inch by 1 Inch Batterey & Room for Wires to the Swith so when you Press it lights the Beam & able to Charge on the Micro B Socket? I take it these are in Parts to be able to 3D Print?

So can you alter the Design so I can do this please? If yes just Confirm, when done & I will be Happy to Order. Happy to Pay you £30.00 if thats ok?

Please Reply to Thanks for your time & help. Kev UK

Hi there,

I am looking at your Phaser Type II from Star Trek III & wonder if you can help me as in i like to put a 6mm Red Laser Beam & have a USB Micro B Socket, at the back to put a Small Charging Board with a 1.2 Inch by 1 Inch Wide Batterey & Room for Wires to the Switch so when you Press it lights the Beam & able to Charge on the Micro B Socket? I take it these are in Parts to be able to 3D Print?

So can you Alter the Design so I can do this please? If yes just Confirm when done & I will be Happy to Order. Happy to Pay you £30.00 if thats ok?

Thanks for your time & I look forward to your Reply. Kev

hi , als download ist nur die date fur die rechte seite ..links fehlt !

hi the left side is not ! in the download datei

Hi! Thank you for your purchase!
Yes, you are right, there is no left version because you can assemble it from almost all the same details.
All you need, just to mirror the detail "Right frame" in your slicer to make it "LEFT FRAME".

AWESOME build!!!! Printed perfect with very little fit and finish. Parts almost snap together. Impressive. Printed on an ANYCUBIC Photon mono x

Thank you!:) I am glad that you like it:)

Hello! I recently purchased the ravenna crown and I had two questions. Do you have any link or example of the guiding rods you recommend for assembling the crown? And do you have any recommendations as for as support or print settings/orientation of the parts. Thanks!

Hi!:) Thank you for your purchase!:) The printing orientation is the same as you can see it on images. Also there is information in the description about metal pins with diameter 2 mm.

Can you Make Dr. Phlox's hypospray from Star Trek Enterprise? There are photos from another maker on Cults.

Hi! I saw it before and keep in mind:) Maybe in the future.

Thanks, I don't want to buy it from the other person. Your kits are flawless.

Hello I’m trying to find the gun and holster to 3d print it for a 7inch action figure, can i use the file to do so or is it too big ?

Hello! What exact model do you mean?

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7 inch = 177.8 mm. Scale 1:10 ?

I’m looking for peacemakers desert eagle, bloodsport guns and Wonder Woman sword and shield from BvS and JL, for 7” Mcfarlane figures

I have the only pistol of peacemaker

p.s. it was made first in real scale and was just scaled 1:10

I’m really new to the 3D printed World, so basically I can find a cosplay human size Womder woman sword file and scale it down and it should work right?

I’ll take the peacemaker gun you created :)

Sounds good:)
About scaling the real models: it will not work always. Some details or parts can be so small after scaling and can't be printed

What would you recommend in that case ? Because it’s been too hard to find this accessories

I mean would it be to expensive to have someone do them for me ? I mean the files.

I think before scaling you should be sure that there are not so small elements

sometimes it will be better if you buy the model, which is already in size what you want:)

Yeah I mean it would be awesome but I don’t seem to be able to find the models for the scale size of the action figures I have only for cosplays

In that case better to ask designer about scaling:)

Hi I'm new to this just wondering if this can be real or is it real

Hi! It is not real item, I sell digital products

Hello, my name is Marco whom is working with a customer who purchased the ripsaw files from you about a year ago. Can you send a screenshot of what each part is called? For example there are several doglegs and different pins. Can you show which are which please?

Hi! I have two versions of the Ripsaw.

These models have lists of parts in the project's descriptions.
Pins are also named: Pin for bogie
Pin for front wheel
Pin for rear wheel
Pin for road wheel
Pin for road wheel 2
Pin for upper roller

Thank you for the fast response. I'm referring to the RIPSAW EV3-F4 model. Can you provide a picture of your assembly pointing out which is road wheel 2?

All road wheels (10 items) are the same. But doglegs are different. That is why pins for these road wheels are "Pin for road wheel" and "Pin for road wheel 2" (used for assembling middle doglegs with road wheels)

You don't understand my concern. I'm asking you which is road wheel 2. Is it the the wheel in the middle, the one in the front or the ones that are paired together?

There is no ''Road wheel 2''. Please, take a look at he image here

I understand that there isn't a road wheel 2. I think I worded it incorrectly. I'm trying to find out where Pin for road wheel 2 goes?

"Pin for road wheel 2" is used for assembling middle dogleg with Road wheel. p.s. "2" it is a version number of the pin, not the wheel:)

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Thank you sir

Hi! I am glad that you like my models! Thank you for your links!
Usually, I use images from the internet and official sizes of the weapons and then model them or items based on them. But it is hard to make inner parts without a real gun, which I can measure. Unfortunately, I'll refuse, sorry.

hi i like your Modles i realy like your MODIFIED MAC-11 FROM THE MOVIE TOTAL RECALL 1990

there is a guy by the name of ZVC0430 here on 3d cult the guy has a makes a lot of money

the guy has a channel on YouTube called zvc 3D Print its the same guy that is selling modles on 3d cult and k modles

me and a bunch of guys have been bugging that guy zvc for a long time to make a mac 11 he makes
real detailed modles to scale but he keeps making cowboy gun models and other handgun models ):

i think it would be a money maker to make a mac 11 with moving part to scale

there are mac 11 to scale cad files on

but not sure how to make them in to printable stl files

if you make make them printable and to scale i would buy those models from you there is no scale modle of a mac 11 with moving
parts anywhere on the internet i think it would be a money maker my skill levle is low when it comes to making or editing stl files

i think scale mac 11 with all the moving parts would be a money maker and

hell i would make a time laps film of it printing for you on youtube if you made the stl to scale
for us

how much would it cost to get a project like this started to make a scale mac 11 with all the moving parts into printable stl files
let me know and i can let the guys from k modles know and i think they will throw some money into the project if your interested

there are about 60 guys on 3 different forms on K-MODLE that want to buy a mac 11 modle

there are about 22 people to 30 people per form looking to buy a mac 11 there is a demand for one

thanks for taking the time to read and let me know

Hi! I ordered your Fallen Order saber stand, order #21852759 , but the download link isn't working. Any help? Thanks.

Please, notify me after your download and I'll remove the link

got it - thank you

Hello. can i buy only STL file full complete model? I don't need other files and files formats

Hello! What exact model are you interested in?

There are different files formats (STEP, IGES, SAT, Parasolid, BIP, STL, etc.). Also "STL_parts" and "LongSlide_STL" archives.
The archive "LongSlide_STL" is the model exported in one piece STL file. Maybe it will help you.
p.s. why do you need one piece model?

Because i prefer printing only training models

I told you i need only complete model

And because i am not working with other formats and my company too only STL completed models

and this zip too much costs. 3d printing will much more costs that's way we printed only full stl files

I think it costs this price. Sorry

Ok i will buy that later i hope price wil not change

I recently downloaded the Death Trooper Sr-14r from you (and others) and was wondering if you also have the 'Noise Reducer' barrel extension for it. if so, could you provide a link or let me know where to find it. thanks

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! This model does not have any noise reducer. But I have also another model

Can you 3D print the 20th Century Fox Television logo?

Hello! I only sell 3d files

Sorry, may mistake and misunderstanding about this Website.
i just figured out that this is the cost/price for the 3D file and your images are of this actual 3D file.

Sorry, my bad.

Hello! Yes, I sell only 3d files for printing

Is this 3D printed TOS Phaser Pistol the cost/price for a complete finished printed model?
If so,where can I buy and how can I purchase?
The images of your 3D printed model look very good and the materials used look very smooth and finished looking.
If this is the finish material quality of your 3D printed Phaser Pistol, I am VERY interested in a future purchase of one of these from you.
I just need to know purchase details.

Is the 3D printed TOS Phaser Pistol price/cost for a completely finished 3D printed TOS Phaser pistol of the quality shown?
And how do I of these from you?
The images you supplied of this 3D model look very good and the materials used look really smooth and finished item “looking”.


DIECAST SHELL AND WHEELS FORD LTD 1971 SCALE 1:25if i buy this can you scale it up to 1/12 scale?
Can you do an interior and chassy for this?
Any chance you would do the 2 door convertable?
Any chance for the 4 model?

Hello, you have to stop making so many cool Star Trek items, my bank account suffers! :)
Do you have any plans to make a Star Trek: Discovery, S1 or S2 communicator?

Thank you!

Hello! I am glad you like my models. I did not think about the discovery communicator yet. I will keep it in mind.
Maybe do you have links for information with good screens and sizes?

Hello I bought your supernatural colt 3d model but when printed the pieces doesn’t fit together can you share the setting or any suggestion for that

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! It is my old model and I've sold this model many times. Before I did not receive any messages about problems with assembling. The model has gaps for the trigger, hammer. Othe holes for example in Cylinder, Barrel should be cleaned and enlarged in place in the assembly.

I can assure you that the barrel and cylinder and front part of the colt doesn’t fit together cuz the hole is way too small to let them assemble. Maybe the 4 other people that bought it just didn’t care or didn’t prit it yet but I printed it many times and every times it’s the same problem

Hi! I've made holes in the cylinder and barrel a little bigger. Please, you can upload them here

I have a question about your Mal pistol. Can I email you?