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Hello! Sorry, this model is not free

I know it's not free
But you can help me
I really don't have the conditions to buy
Rest assured, if I had, I would have never sent a message and bought directly
please help me
This is my email

Hi, I downloaded the Afterlife PKE meter and was wondering if you have a file where the front and rear body can be printed in two pieces for smaller printers?

Thank you,

Thank you for your purchase! I've added to the project the archive "Handle separated". You should be notified by website and be able to dowload it. Hope it will help you.

hello i bought one of your files assuming it was a sty file and turns out to be a zip file is there anyway you can change it into a stl file so i can print on a resin printer? thank you.

Thank you for your purchase! STL files are in archives. Just unzip the archives :)

Sorry, was talking about the Sherp model

Hi there. Would it be possible to make some changes to this thing? I know it’s a lot to ask, but this thing would be killer if

Tires were separated from the hubs, to make it possible to print in flexible materials.

And body was
a) hollow
b) made out of 2 pieces as a box to snap together
c) had windows separate so I can print out of clear filament

I would like to try making an RC car out of it, so these mods would be very very helpful!

Thank you so much! Great job on the model. Love it.

Hi! Thank you, I am glad you like my models:)
Wheel or tires are not hollow, because I imagine nest ways of making:
- one way:
- printing master model
- making the mold using this model
- making tires from flexible material using the mold
- second way: just printing and painting

Any chance you would sell pre-support Sherp model for an additional price? Instead of me having to subscribe to Patreon just for one model? It would save me sooooo much time instead of trying to get this thing disected in Shapr3D. Solids support there is atrocious and I was only planning to print it. Strictly for personal use .

I do not have Patreon account.
I've added "Tire and rim_parts" archive, where tire and rim are separated.

These new files should be visible for you.
Please, let me know if you can download it?

I downloaded the Diecast Budd 2 hole Rear wheel today. When i imported it into Lychee the wheel STL file says it has holes and it will not repair the file. The rest files are okay. Can this be easily repaired.

I expect to download more of your files as soon as I get this issue resolved .

Thank you

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! Could you please, give me you email? I will try to export to STL one more time

Hi again! I've sent. Please, notify me if all is OK :)

Hi, do you also sell a normal pokeball? I love your work!

Thank you! I am glad you like it :)
I have a few old models like that:

Do you offer package deals? I'd like to buy several pokeballs.

Unfortunately, cults does not have an opportunity to make a collection and sell with discount.

Also you can find the same pokeballs on cgtrader, use button "offer price" with you price

Hello, I was just wondering if you had any demon slayer items?

I saw your pokeballs on cgtrader for sale with a license that allows to sell prints but on here the license does not. Are the ones sold on cgtrader also by you or someone else? How can you get license?

Hi! I do not mind if you will sell prints of my models.

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Thanks. Whats your cgtrader username?

Just find the same pokeball with the same name:)


Do you have a patreon?

Hi! Unfortunately, no, I don't

Do you have a patreon?

Hi! Your models are really awesome and I’d love to browse all of your Star Wars stuff/blasters, but I can’t seem to view your Star Wars collection. Is there anything I can do to view all of them as a collection rather than just browse individual files?

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Hi! Thank you! I am glad you like my models. I have a lot of StarWars models, that is why did not make collection because of size:)

Ya e hecho la compra. Gracias

Thank you too!:)

Espectacular 😍

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Is the DIECAST TWIN-ENGINE V8 FOR PULLING TRACTOR SCALE 1 TO 25 pre-supported with the supports making it ready to print as is? Or is it an unsupported file requiring me to add supports?

Hi! I sell STL files, no files for slicer. So you need to put details in slicer yourself

Ok . gracias

Hi! I've made this tire. Please, take a look here

Vale . puede ser a escala 1/43 ?

I think I will made in scale 1:25. But you can scale it in to 1:43. I will notify you whet I make it :)

Hay te dejo la foto. De todas formas te dejo mi correo electrónico.

Thank you for your link. Don't you mind if I design and upload this tire here in my shop too?

Hola. Una pregunta. Te e comprado varios neumáticos. Están espectacular. Tengo un modelo de neumáticos y quería si tú me lo puedes hacer. Como te puedo pasar fotos?

Hello! I am glad you like my work :)
Here is how Cults3d said about images:
"If you want to attach pictures to your post, feel free to upload your images to a free online image hosting service like Imgbb and copy/paste your image links into your comment."

Hello, I'm looking for STL files like this for 1/25 or 1/24 also 1/16 truck wheels rear duals and front as well, Using Dremel Digilab 3D45 Printer needing most compatible files for my machine, Thanks

Hello! I think that wheels in scale 1:25 should be printed on resin printer

Hi! I'm making some professional 3D prints here in Brazil and my clients just loved your PokeBall models! Would you give me your permission to sell the physical 3D prints?

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Hi! Yes, I do not mind if you will sell printouts of my models :)

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Oh, thank you! Congratulations, your job is really nice!

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I am glad you like it:)

Would you be interested in doing some design work for hire? I am mostly needing tractor hoods to use for pulling tractors.

Hi there,

Is there ant chance u have a Pokeball of Vulpix?

Hi! Unfortunately, I do not have. Not all shapes I can make in my CAD software.