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There's a tiny peg clipping into the bed that is preventing me from printing the supported coil dragon file, any suggestions?

There is not! You can just sink it into the bed maybe! It is a community made file so I didn't have a hand in its supports


so not 100% sure whats going on with the butterfly dragon file but when i download it it keeps telling me i can extract it.

hmm I'm not sure either. I'd try redownloading it maybe?

i would like the coil version of the articulated dragon

Its part of the Crystal Dragon files!

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just purchased

nice! good luck printing it!

im looking for the coil articulated dragon file

What 3d modeling software do you use to make your models?

Tinkercad, Meshmixer, and Blender@

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Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the response! :)

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Could you describe the process? I've been working on how to best convert sculpted stl models into a solid body like in Fusion360. Does Meshmixer help convert files, or does Tinkercad handle modifying stls for functionality better than other software? Thank you!

I'd prefer not to discuss that! Sorry! All I can really say is I use Tinkercad to build and Blender and MM to fix!

I just had a question as I am a patreon supporter as well, am I able to sell the finished products of the prints I purchase through your cults site or only the ones that are available on patreon? I have an Etsy shop that I have always wanted to build up and I LOVE your beautiful designs and my little girl is fascinated with all your creations. I plan on purchasing them either way. I was just curious if it would be something I could market and share with everyone on my shop as well! Thank you!

Yes as long as you are a subscriber you can sell any Cinderwing physical prints, past or present!

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Hey this is not my design! It seems to be inspired but it is not using my mesh or model! Thank you for looking out though!

Hey there seems to be a bit of support sticking out the bottom of the coiled dragon supported I was wondering if you ever planned on fixing that. Also, I was wondering If I paid for your Patreon if I could sell that 3d print or are there only selected files I could print and sell from if? Thank you so much for these unique and amazing prints!

Likely not as that dragon coil was a community made mod. I don't have a resin printer and I'm not familiar with resin supports to fix it properly.

As for the Patreon you can sell any and all things that I've made as long as you have bought the files. I even offer a 20% off on MyMiniFactory for all past models!

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Thank you so much for your quick response!

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Looks like when the joint first forms the horizontal circle on each link it is fully unsupported. slicer says it will fail. description says no support needed.

The slicer is over cautious! All the designs have been tested over and over countless times. I assure you they will work as intended, with no supports.

im still green on this 3dprinting so this may be a stupid question what type of filament did you use?

Thats a hard question to answer, there are so many!

just bought this File and its EMPTY!! can you please provide me with the Files that I paid for. thank you.

I see that you got the Crystal Dragon. Per the Cults FAQs--> To download some STL files, it’s very easy. You just have to click on the purple “Download” button on the top right of each creations page. Then click on the “Download your files” button on the final page. Your downloads will then start after clicking on “Download your files” and will appear in the dedicated folder for downloads defined by your Internet browser. Note that before you need to log in to your Cults account or to register if you are a new member.

I bought the crystal dragon design because I couldn't find anything anywhere near as good for free. The design exceeded my expectations! I have a couple questions about the other files that came with it. if the normal version if 2ft long, how long is the coiled version? How much of a 2kg roll of PLA does it use? Finally, roughly how long does it take to print?

The coiled version was intended for resin not FDM, though a few folks have said they've made it work in FDM! I'm honestly not sure!

Do you know where I could find those comments/questions, so I could see what they did to make it work?

No, I unfortunately don't. The last one I was made aware of was sometime last year. They are so rare!

Baby Void Sea Dragon ? where do i get

The baby dragons are subscriber exclusives! So you would need to join Patreon of MyMiniFactory Tribes to get that particular model

So it's still available then a
A link please

Hey Tracy, Do you have a file of just the wings? I got the dragon printed but failed on the wings because i didnt use a brim. I would like to just print the wings and attach them. I would also like to be able to have different color wings.

Most slicers have the ability to split to objects, I would recommend doing that! The models are not made in a way that the wings can pop in and out tho so you'll need to be careful. Some folks have told me they use a heat gun to do a little surgery haha

Can we download after purchase and 3d print or do we have to modify the files or are they ready to go ?

Yes and you can print them right as they are!

Can we download after purchase and 3d print or do we have to modify the files or are they ready to go ?

Yes and you can print them right as they are!

Hi. My mom showed me a youtube picker selling 3d prints. I think they are yours. The one my mom wants is a frog with wings like a butterfly. I did a search on google. You sell a flutter frog?

No, the Flutter Frog is a subscriber exclusive! So if you wish to get that file you would need to subscribe on Patreon or MyMiniFactory Tribes.

Hi, Cinderwind3D.
I was just curious, which of your dragons has the most tail joints? (which one would b considered the longest?)
Love your designs and hope to see more in the future!

It would probably be the the Fire Sprite. It has an extra long tail version... I don't even remember how many sections it is but its over 4 ft long!

could you please put a free design?
I love your designs but the problem is that my parents don't want me to buy STL or OBJ files.
Thanks 😁😊

Hi there! I am sorry to hear that but we generally don't offer free models! Thanks!

bonjour je recherche une personne qui pourrais me faire le fichier du personnage de monstre et compagnie c'est la petite fille bou avec sont déguisement merci

Hi there! I don't do custom models generally!

how to get a license for commercial use?

Hello :),
You can sign up either via Patreon or MyMiniFactory.
They both offer you the same thing with the exception that we offer a discounted yearly subscription on Patreon.
You can find both options below;

Thank you!!!!!!

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I had your Patreon last month and guess I did not get this frog downloaded. I only have access to the current month's models and if I resubbed to Patreon would not have access to the March designs again? The only way to get this frog would be to buy it from Cults3d and pay twice? Is there a way to have access to the designs you previously had?

Please email or join the Discord to file a ticket to get help with this.

You should have gotten an email from MyMiniFactory to your Patreon email with a redeem for March, if you did not get that email, please reach out to or via our Discord tickets!


Im having a problem with the 2 foot long dragon. When starting the tail part always not wanting to print right. Temps are nozzle 200 bed 50.

Generally for PLA a 60 bed temp is suggested but without knowing more details, I cant say for sure

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hello, i have a garden desighn and i was wondering if you would share my name on your channel, i am a 14 year old man and i need help getting people to my page. if you could help me, that would be great