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Hello, I am trying to find Godzilla STL but it is not available for some reason. Could You please send me a link to buy/download it?
Thank You.

Your works is awesome :)

Hola, estoy iniciandome en la impresión 3D y al descargarme la tetera de la Bella y Bestia, no me deja laminarla con Cura. La tapa sin problema, pero lo que es la tetera, no puedo. Como puedo solucionarlo? Gracias

It’s me Tim Postma aka @TimPatAlpostma just thought I would say hi to other designers who are my Twitter friends

Hi, Id love to be able to use your mosquito commercially.
Can I buy the permission to?
It would limited production us. a one off project resin printed at 10mm approx..
Let me know asap!

Hi, I've seen your Halo STL. on Cults3D and was very impressed, i would love to get a 3D model (preferably an STL) made of a Halo 5 Binary Rifle, please contact me as soon as possible about the possibilities and prices. Please contact me at

Good morning , love you Sunflower design , my wife asked me to message you to see if you would be able to cut the model so its just the head and to sit flat hanging on a wall , she wants me to print it big to hang outside
Thanks for you time


Incredible work sir! You probably get asked about commissions plenty, I'm new to the 3d printing world and while searching around your work stood out to me and I figured I'd ask if you were interested in creating some prints. I have the board game Down Force and I'm incorporating the Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart pieces and Mario Kart power ups to Down Force spicing it up. With that, I am needing the Pow Box, Feather, Super horn, Yoshi egg, and Blooper. Do you think you could make all these to the same scale as your Boo piece? I found someone who had done similar work here Depending on your time and interest in doing this project, and of course cost for me, I could give you the entire list of items I'm hoping to have for the game and see what you think.

Thank you for your consideration and I hope you and your family are safe during this pandemic.


Hello my friend, I am Serdar. You have downloaded my knife that I learned and designed to make new today, thank you

Hola,me podrias decir que aplicacion usas para editar?

Hello, im searching Someone Who could makes me pieces for a chessboard. Thank you

seeking your contact info!

Hi, your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Hi, thank you very much for your design, very good work.

Bonjour à tous .
Je m’intéresse depuis peux aux imprimantes 3D
Vous la masse d’informations je ne sais pas vers quel modèle me diriger . Pourriez vous m’aider svp

Hi chaoscoretech, do you offer 3d design services?

Bonjour comment obtient tu des vente avec des fichiers dispo gratuitement stp ? Merci de ta réponse

Hi, can I order a file from your 3D printer?

hola, te agtreverias con uno diferente?

Bonjour je vous suis depuis peu je vais m'abonner à votre chaîne YOUTUBE je suis fan de vos realisations moi aussi.
Bonne journée

à plus

Bonjour, je suis fan de vos réalisations et je vais attaquer votre énorme géant de fer. Vu le nombre de pièces, avec vous conçu une notice ou pour le moins un ordre d'assemblage ? Je préfère savoir avant de lancer les impressions (je travaille aussi avrc fillamentum). D'avance merci et bonne journée !