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Hey Cortex, just to let you know. The Star wars cookie cutter set with the letters aren't mirrored, making them impossible to just import, print, and use. I found that out just a bit too late, but you might want to place a message and/or mirror them in the zip-file.

Hi! how are you?
The star wars cutter kit is fully importable, printable and usable.
I was able to use them successfully.

I recommend you investigate how to apply the mirror in the slicer, in ultimaker cura this option is very easy to use.

It really is a very useful parameter so it will help you a lot.

If you can't, let me know and I'll send you the mirrored files.

Thanks for the comment, have a nice day.

Hey Cortex,

I know, I know, but since they cutters I was expecting them to be mirrored to printed directly. I can imagine more people might have that expectation and be surprised that it's not, especially considering it's also not mentioned in the description.

My advices would be to place the mirrored files in the zip, since I can't think of a use-case where you'd not want them to be mirrored. Should there be one, I'd advice to both unmirrored and mirrored inside the file.

Other than that, love your work, and so does the Mrs.. I especially like the "cup of coffee" amount of money you're asking for your high quality sets, I've been printing them for a couple of days now ;).

Hola como estas? no tendras el otro personaje principal de Luca? gracias

hola como estas? no tienes el otro personaje de luca?

Hola buenas tardes queria saber si en el archivo vienen todos los cortantes que aparecen en la foto o solo algunos?

Hola! Buenas tardes, la gran mayoría de las veces la compra incluye todos los archivos que se ven en las fotos, incluso en algunos se especifica en la descripción.

Si gustas compárteme el link de la publicacion y te comento con exactitud :)

hello, I bought the file dogs-cookie-cutters-mzssln two days ago but there is no file chow chow stamp inside, i need it. thank you

Hi! I just added the chow chow stamp. I'm sorry, anybody noticed me about that. Try to dowload the file again.

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Hi there. I sent you an email today, but received no answers.

I bought this Sunday the STL files from the link:

However, I need to print the T-rex on 16 x 19 cm and the walls are getting too thick. I need the external and internal walls stamps to be around 1mm thick.

I use Solid works to edit my files, but I cannot edit yours to make its walls thicker and attend my project.

Can you provide to me a STL file with thicker walls (0.7 - 1.0 mm thick)?

Thank you so much.


Hi what mm for horizontal expansion on the disney halloween cutters?

hola buenos dias...descargue el set de among us y el modelo "SHH stamp" está por la mitad.. Muchas Gracias

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Hola!! Muchas gracias por comentarlo, no nos habíamos percatado del error y nadie más lo había comentado.
Intenta descargar de nuevo el archivo desde la compra, ya está corregido.

O si prefieres contactanos a este correo:
y te mandamos los archivos.

Gracias! Que tenga un buen día.

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muchas gracias!!..te enviè mail...

disculpa, escribí mal el correo, este es el bueno;

o si prefiere dejarme el suyo con mucho gusto se los mando.

Hola Necesito hacer unos cortantes de caras de princesas, podrías ayudarme ?

Hola! Contáctame por correo para que podamos hablar mejor:, o si prefieres por telegram: @mzssln

I purchased these a few months ago and just got around to printing them. The hair pieces keep breaking. it wouldn't work no matter how many times i printed. am i doing something wrong?

Hi! Contact me at this email so we can talk better:

possible de me les faires en 1 seule pièce j'ai déjà achetez plusieurs de vos créations

Mickey cutters are made in two pieces (cutter and separate stamp).

bonjour les emportes pièces mickey sont en une seule pièce ou en 2 morceaux svp