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20 commentarios

I lost my army Warhammer 40k army
In flood !
I really hope you can help me

I really love your work mate !
Could you tell me if I can your space marines without banana head and shoulder pads please ?

Do your stls work on FDM machines?

Hello, i saw your lee powder adaptor. Unfortunately the thread inside do not fit bigger brother with 7/8-14 threading. Did you consider to make also 2nd version exactly with 7/8-14 which is suitable for lee deluxe powder measure? (LEE_90699)

Hi there,it would be nice if you can make themwithout a round base,i need them for warhammer fantasy ( square bases)

Not sure which ones you are asking about, but all my new stuff has a slotta base

Do you sell or is it available for download the Kelly's Heroes Sherman Oddball crew and your other figure sets how can I download them?

They are on my Patreon

Would be easy to swap the heads over ??
They what I have been looking for but I love it if they wearing mk6 helmets !!
Please help me

Hello! So, I'm just gonna let this puppy fly and ask... and I apologize in advanced if I am entirely wrong about this... but, at one point did you have stls of miniatures available with penises for heads? My friends and I found them hilarious and since my hard drive crashed, I haven't been able to find the files again since. If I'm wrong... again, I am sorry. But if there's the chance you're the man responsible, how can I obtain those again?

They were a remix of some of my stuff done by someone else. I remeber them, but think they have gone now

hello! can you possibly upload the skulls you used? those would be amazing terrain!

Hi, I see you have a lot of files for Rouge Trader models and am hoping you might have, or know where to find, files for versions or look-alikes of the original plastic Imperial Army arms and weapons. The whole models would be good, but I mostly just need the arms as they're so frustratingly hard to come by these days. I would appreciate any help you can give on this search. Thanks!

I tried to look through your patreon and went back almost a year before it refused to load any more posts. I didn't see the bits in that time. Can you link to a post with an image I can view or just the image somewhere?

I have a few things, they are all on my Patreon :

Hey, I'm just wondering if you have versions of the rogue trader Marines that don't have banana heads?

Hi Bigmrtong, are the marines depicted in the image available for dl anywhere please ?

they are on my Patreon :

they are on my Patreon :

more banana content please :)

they are on my Patreon :

Hi there, is there any chance I could buy the files for all of the skeleton cannon crew without paying for the patreon please???

Bonjour !

Je viens de tomber sur vos fichiers de gabriel knight 3 ... epoustouflant !! je suis fan depuis petite de ce jeu que j'ai fini au moins 10 fois.. je vais me les imprimer pour mon plaisir mais je tenais à vous remercier je suis retombé en enfance direct !

hi could you please tell me what is the hole size of the paint bottle holder? Am not sure if this holder would fit my bottle .thanks

Hi there,

I like your work and im looking for someone to commission a large number on tile forts castles cites etc, that would fit on 20mm and 30mm hexs.

If this is something you could do then please email me direct

Hello. I have some STL files that I would like printed, would you be able to print them out for me for a fee? Here is a picture for reference.

Please contact me at if you are interested, thank you.