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39 commentarios

hi there , just wondering if you had the retro SM files shown in the BIGMRTONG RETRO SLOTTA CONVERSION BASE FOR MINIATURES images as i cant find them,

Do you have a version of your lone wanderer without the shoulder pad? I need the torso for a kitbash I'm planning.

Hey Big Mr Tong,

I was really loving the Khorne Kernel Marines, but I was wondering with the new models out if you were thinking of making them more like those guys and less like chaos space marines? I would be overly happy to pay for that, but if not no worries. I was just thinking that I would love to do show them off on a game.

Hi, sorry to bother you , I'm looking for Big Mr Tong 28mm Judge Dredd stl files, but I can't find them , I looked at cgtrader and here but so far the only place that I found is but the sell the printed figurines.
Thanks in advance

what scale is the house brick please

I can't find the Storm trooper Space marine

hola tenes el techo de tu molino esta genial

Hey, love your work, I've printed off your skeleton warrior mammoth and it looks great, will probably try the skeleton chariot too when i get more resin. I see you use the same or similar skeleton horse models in a few projects e.g.

Would you happen to be able to release a version that is just the horse without the rider? That would be great!

Hey, so I loved your halfling with a musket design, I noticed it wasn't on file but do you have the halfling with musket propped up on the stick

The other are on my Patreon

hey there I love your stuff! I saw you have the metaluna mutant on your patreon profile banner, is that available on here or anywhere?

He is a WIP as part of my Patreon

Love to see a finished version one day, he looks great. Keep making sick stuff :)

The CHILDREN OF THE HYDRA SKELETON WITH SWORD stl will not open in CURA or 3D Builder. Do you have this file in a obj or maybe a better file without issues.

There is nothing wrong with the file . .you say Cura , so you either using the wrong sliver or trying to print it in FDM. FDM printers cant print and slice the small parts.

Yup that's my scratchbuild. It was built for a customer...thanks for ripping it off. Cheers

I haven't ripped it off. I posted it here for free (well Thingiverse and it copied here) and gave you the credit for the original idea from the picture on reddit including a link to it.

Hello BigMrTong!
I've noticed you have RTB01, backpack, gun, body, shoulders, and head. Do you plan on releasing a pair(s) of legs any time soon?
Thank you for your time, and thank you for your fantastic models/designs!

hallo wo bekommt man die STL datei von dem kristall the dark crystal her?

Der Kristall ist kein STL, der Kristall ist ein echter Glaskristall

Hello BigMrTong!

I've really been enjoying the hex-terrain set you've made! They're a perfect Christmas gift for my dad, both for Mighty Empires and to build a 3D campaign map for his D&D game!

I wanted to ask, would you be willing to do a commission to create more designs of specific types? I'd love to have access oddball like mines, quarries, burial mounds, dungeon and cave entrances, islands and so on. If so, how much would you charge? If not, no worries!

Thanks again for such wonderful designs!

Hiya .. most of those tiles were created in that way. I charge £10 a tile

hey brother! i just wanted to know I you had an email I could contact you on about a business question

Can I buy fallout power armor figures set stl file, please?

.. all my stuff not on here is on my Patreon

Awesome design! Where can I find the Darth Vader and Stormtroopers?

.. all my stuff not on here is on my Patreon

I lost my army Warhammer 40k army
In flood !
I really hope you can help me

I really love your work mate !
Could you tell me if I can your space marines without banana head and shoulder pads please ?

Do your stls work on FDM machines?

Hello, i saw your lee powder adaptor. Unfortunately the thread inside do not fit bigger brother with 7/8-14 threading. Did you consider to make also 2nd version exactly with 7/8-14 which is suitable for lee deluxe powder measure? (LEE_90699)

Hi there,it would be nice if you can make themwithout a round base,i need them for warhammer fantasy ( square bases)

Not sure which ones you are asking about, but all my new stuff has a slotta base

Do you sell or is it available for download the Kelly's Heroes Sherman Oddball crew and your other figure sets how can I download them?

They are on my Patreon

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