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I have purchased your Angle of Justice files. I do enjoy that there is a wingless version. Would I be able to talk you into making a file for just the wings? My plan is to print the wings separately in clear resin and then attach them to the body.
Until that time...

Hey can you design something for me in STL format for candle printing?

Hi! I love your work and was wondering if you are open to commissions? I could pay you to help me design stuff that's in my head.

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Thanks fot that message,
I'm sorry but I don't have enough time to work on request :S

Hey man sorry to be a bother but I recently bought your Tiefling Fighter Duelist 3d print model, in stl format and found that while the support version for printing works perfectly the other versions such as 55mm and 75mm fail to load in a 3d viewer, I've tried troubleshooting and opening in blender and repairing it with 3dbuilder but it just throws an error code whenever I attempt to load it, thanks in advance.

Fixed, sorry for this and thanks for write me


I just bought your Girl Frost Wizard file, but, when I put it in Lychee (or Blender) for printing, it says me this is a non-manifold object, could you help me ?

Best regards.


Hi, please try with miniature file, or use 3dbuilder to repair this, honestly I use chitubox. If you can't print it please write me again and I'll repair this Monday. Regards

Thx for your answer.
I'm a pure newbie about 3D printing, I really don't know how to repair. If you can tell me how to proceed, I'll do, but, if not, I'll wait for monday for your repair...



Of course, do not worry, windows has a program named 3dbuilder, you open it and put the model, then you give it to repair and save the new file, you can also use the file that at the end says fixed, that is already repaired, it is the one from the miniature and you can scale it as you want, it has 1 million polygons and you can print it up to 20cm without problems. the file that says supported is now ready for you to put in liche or chitubox and slice it to print.

It seems it worked ! ^^

Thank you very much for your help !!

Hey, I happened on your Akroma sculpt and I really like it!! I just wanted to check, have you ever done a test print of it before and seen what it looks like printed?

Are you open for commission?

Hi, how are you? I don't understand you, commission is tip?

I really like your vampire guardian!

Do you have a version that is just a bust?

I would like to print it large as a bust because it reminds me of a character I had in a game a few years back.

I would gladly pay you for the file.

Hi, thanks for writing to me, on May 1 I will start patreon, when it is available I will write to you. Regards

Hey dude I love your models, especially the nude variants. Great work :-) Do you have a Patreon or something?