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Hey Bad...LOVE your Bab 5 downloads ...THANK YOU!!!! (please keep workn on 'em!!!) Just a quick note that unless I'm mistaken - the A Call To Arms Centauri Maximus Frigate looks like a bat or a larger Sentri Fighter...the one you made't look like that at all...not sure where you snagged the image for it but you might want to check it out...THANKS!!!!!

bro/lady... your work is fcking amazing. seriously. your models are awesome

I love your work. I'm trying to introduce my friend to B5 Wars. (Large Scale) Is there a way to bulk download all the b5 files wiht the details you have? I'm making a apreadsheet I'm happy to share with you but it isn't anything special.
p.s. I'm not selling anything. Just an old gamer who wants to play B5.

Hey sorry for the delay but my mobile didnt like replying for some reason.
I dont have a way to bulk download them sorry. i would like to setup a link to do that but my laptop dies last year and it's stopped all progress for now.

Hey. Seen your B5 ships and they’re amazing! Do you find when scaled to Armada size or similar the antenna are too thin?
Amazing work though!

Hey, thanks but most of the work was done by mod teams years ago. At armada scale, you'll find the antennas are to small. However I buy brass rod and tube to replace them and put fibre optics through to give the navigation lights at the tips. Can get them from most hobby stores.
Reach out at if you need any help or advice making decals for then.

Thanks very much! I’ll try and remove them in software before prints.m

Hi all, the project has come to an end as we have almost all the ships and a lot of fan designs.

I know there are a lot of questions about gaps and how to FDM print but honestly I can solve a lot of those issues with the time I have free. You are very welcome to work on them as I got them to resin printer standard.
Pleas make sure you credit the original artists if you post them. They can be found in the description.

I wish I could answer individually bit this platform is really average at that. I recommend reaching out at thingiverse.
I have the same user name there.


Hi, I was trying to print the victory but the model never renders correctly for me to be able to print it. I have tried it in simplified 3d, Cura, and Chitudox.

I was wondering what I might be doing wrong. For some reason parts like the front of the ship disapprear when I slice them or there are huge gaps.
I would love to print this one and put it on my shelf. Yours is the only model out there that I have found.
Any input would be awesome. Thanks!!!

Hi there, lovely models, trying to et back into Babylon 5 wars, managed to get hold of a ruleset, going to print some of your miniatures t use in the game.
Can I as what scale would you print for Babylon 5 wars models?

Thanks David

I am looking for minis for the "B5 - A call to arms" tabletop.
Your work looks really great for that so far. Thanks!
Do you have any idea how to properly scale them for "A call to arms"?
And could you give me the links to the paid sources you mentioned?

Thanks ín advance

Good Afternoon

Hope your well today and greetings from Scotland, thank you so much for these Babylon 5 ships - much appreciated and I will be printing many for my varied starship miniature games!! I have a few ship requests, I have searched for them and im struggling to track them down. Was wondering if you had managed to get a hold of them? I might have missed them so sorry if I have.

Brakiri Halik, Any Abbai Ships - Lakara etc, Drazi Fireraptor Battleship.
EA Classes - Apollo, Chronos, Delphi, Myrmidon LCV, Poseidon, Marathon, Tethys
Centauri Liati Adv Cruiser, Morgrath, Haven
Raider Battlewagon

Any help appreciated

Again many thanks for helping keep my b5 ships alive and kicking!

David Stewart

Hey Richard, thanks for the support. It's taken a while to get them up but there are some more updated versions of thingiverse as well.

I was going to load a battlecrab but I just can't compete with the quality of the ones on thingiverse already. I will get around to it but I recommend looking up the shadow battle crab with texture. It's absolutely awesome.

Dear BadHairCut,
First off: wow, I'm impressed by the number of B5 ships you've managed to provide here, and I'm looking forward to printing a few and painting them up. I am wondering if you have any plans of adding a Shadow Battlecrab? That seems to be the only canon ship not in your collection.