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Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

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Take a look here : =)

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Printed this out and it looks fantastic. Could you throw some braids on one to make a female?

Not planned ^^

thank you sir

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hello some of the gnome files can not be printed, bodypart are missing

the only one i was able to print is the one from thingiverse

Hi ! Re download them, i think files are corrupted =)

I re-downloaded the files , the problem stays the same.
I slice the files , after slicing I review the file .
Body of the gnome is missing in files and in the print.
Could you re-upload the files or repair the files?

I just downloaded them now, all the files are there.
before and after slicing on 2 several slicers
you are the first to have this problem

Did you use the review option and printed them?
In the review after slicing you will see that the gnome has no body to print .
I printed it and right from the start you will see that the printer doesn’t print the body.

No need to repair, the model prints perfectly as it is ^^

Then why can’t I print the files , only one file that is ok is gnome nr 1, ther rest are no working for me

Ok wait ;)

Hola, podrías diseñar una gallina de guinea? nadie ha hecho esa figura y la estoy buscando. Un saludo.

Salut ! Je n'ai pas prévu de faire ce modèle désolé =)

Impossible d'ouvrir le fichier corp avec cura seul un ombre apparait sur le plateau.
Les autres fichiers aucun probleme.

De quel modèle parles tu ?

j'ai oublié de préciser le fichier désolé, c'est Calimero
merci de ton aide.

super ça marche nickel
merci beaucoup

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Hi! I purchased the Chibi Messi model and am having trouble printing the detail on the jersey. Any advice? I'm doing 0.12mm layer height with PLA.

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Hi ! I didn't do Chibi Messi ^^'

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Hello. I downloaded STL for Jack skellington and zero,, but files are "invalid" ?? Please advise?

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Hi Thank you for purchase !
Just re download it i think, files are often corrumpted 🙂

Hi I tries that twice :(

I check when i am AT home

I just checked and there is no problem, I downloaded it too and the file is complete

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

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Hi !

The best way to support me is to subscribe on my patreon
People who sell 3D prints from my models are subscribed
You will also have access to a lot of models =)

Thank you You too

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Do you have by any chance an articulated Mawile/Mega Mawile model ?

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Hey ! it is not planned ^^

Good afternoon just purchased the Good evening, just purchased the Jack Skellington And Zero - The Nightmare Before Christmas model. Looking forward to printing, but then noticed you have it also over at Gambody with it broken up into different prints for FDM / SLA. Is it the same model as here? If not I would love to purchase that one over there instead, is that possible? It looks like you have instructions over there as well as recommended print settings. THank you so much. Model looks amazing.

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Hello and thank you for your purchase
No, it's not exactly the same, Gambody modifies the models and creates different keys ^^

It's Annabel from Flashforge. We're looking for cooperation during the holiday season, if this is something you will consider, kindly drop me a line at

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Nous sommes une association nous souhaitons faire une vente de solidarité de noel et nous sommes intéressé par un de vos modèles .
Pourrions nous prendre contact


anyone can download my file? or there is a problem in my PayPal?
please reply me?

Many Thanks

Hi - six of the 10 Ghost Booh files report the mesh is not watertight when adding to Cura. (Ghost Booh N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, and N7). I tried using right-click > Mesh tools > Fix Simple Holes but Cura crashes.

in order to sell any of the prints does someone need to join your Patreon?

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Hey yes 😊
And Access to a lot of models too

Hello. I downloaded the spider and I’m new to 3d printing. I have printed a few sizes and they all have problems with the leg joints to the body. The very inner part is brittle and they break off easily. Is there something I can do to make it more robust or is this gotta be done with in the file. Awesome work and thanks a lot for being able to make it.

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Hi !
Thank you for your purchase
Take a good look at your Shell, I put 3 walls, and 15% filling
My spiders come out perfectly and it's the first time there's been a problem ^^

Can the strange hand be plain for both hands? I see that 1 hand is hairy and the other is not

Hi yes you just have to mirror it :)

Many Thanks for this amaiong model. Absolutely amazing. Great Work

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Thank you ! :)

hey dude how dos you making a 1 meter sea dragon, can you print it in parts ?

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I have question for you, are all your models on your pateron? I am most instrested in any and all horror and nightmare before christmas. i love suporting others. Have several other paterons i support is why i ask

Hey ! All models available are here : :)

Hell0 I bought your Dratini file and the whole bottom of the print is cut off. When I have printed is ever single piece of the file is separate.Please can you correct this file.

hello, redownload the model, and check that your model is centered in your slicer, I've never had any problems with this file :)

bonjour je voudrais savoir si vous allez faire les evolution de evoli

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Salut non pas prévu ^^

Hi I am trying to print the monkey d luffy but am having trouble with the head (tete), it gets so far then falls over, any help appreciated as am new at 3d printing, thank you.