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So glad I found you over here, had a panic attack when I couldn't find your stuff on Thingiverse, from a family of 3D printers we love your work.
I know you are busy atm so please keep me posted on our previous conversation, Thank you very much.
With love from Canada :)

Awesome news.

Thank you :)


Glad I found your designs again when I couldn't find them on Thingiverse 😊

I'm glad you enjoy my designs, I closed the thingiverse account due to the malfunction of said website, they are all available here ;)

So very nice to see you and your work again.

Thanks friend, now I am immersed in other projects, I hope to return to the 3D world soon, take care my friend :)

are you on patreon?

No, all designs are available in cults ;)

Meu grande amigo! Tudo bem com você? Desabilitou seu instagram?

Now I am immersed in a personal project that occupies almost all my time, I hope soon to be available again in the 3d world
Regards my friend ;)

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hello I am a fan of your easy prints models I have already printed several they are going very well, do you think of making new ones? like marvel or naruto thank you

Now I am very busy in other non-3d projects, I hope to publish designs soon again, and I will take into account your suggestions

Hello friend! What happened with your Instagram, are you going to return to IG?
Best wishes, Namu3D

Hello friend, now I am immersed in a family project that occupies almost all my time, I hope to return in a few months
My best regards

Your models are great, I have printed many of the models you have created.

I have recently been asked to get a very cheap printer working that was extremely poorly designed. After some weeks I have it working and thought you would like to see the birth of one of your models in the UK.

Thanks for all of your hard work!

A great video, I'm glad you enjoy with my designs, greetings from Spain

Can you contact me please

Hello, it's me again, for your Among Us model
When printing at 100% there seems to be issues: the holes for magnets are too small: I bought 6x3mm ones and they can't enter the hole

All designs using magnets have the same hole and tolerance, if you have the print bed too tight it can flatten the material a lot. ;)

Hello, amazing work once again !
I just bought your Among Us model (the one with the bone). Would it be possible to split the body file in two: upper and lower ? That would allow me to print a bigger version of it on my small printer


hiya will u be doing any of the monsters inc stuff like randall and sully ta :)

hello there hope you are well, i need help designing a few things and i am no good with designing anything atm as i am new to all this, i am after the stick man and family (juilie donoldston book) for my kids and cant find it anywhere, would you be interested in designing them, i will pay if this helps you?


A while ago I printed and painted some of your dragons and posted them on thingiverse.
I really like your funny ans easy printable designs. The texture is also nice to paint.
I would like to set up and etsy shop and also sell some of your designs. I would be charging for printing and painting and not selling the stls.
I know people already do this but I don't want to do this without asking.
Off course I would mention you and link to the orignal files.
We could also agree on a smalls fee that I pay you for every item sold.
Please let me know what you think.

Kind regards


Hello friend, I do not know very well what problem you have with the tolerances of this design, the vertical parts of the joints have 0.4 mm and the cylindrical 0.6 mm of tolerance, an easy margin to handle by any printer, tested in several printers at 0.1 and 0.2 layer height mm.
Greeting from spain

Merci beaucoup pour cette bibliothèque de prints qui fonctionnent extremement bien et sont toujours de grande qualité, même sur de petites imprimantes comme les labist x1. Ma fille de 4 ans peut piocher à volonté dans tes modèles et les imprimer seule (ou presque).
Magnifique travail !!!

Hello, I am very happy to know that I make the little ones happy with these cute designs, I hope the girl gets better soon and you make her very happy with the gift ;)

thank you for all the work you have done for these prints. I live in a Senior Apt building. One of our people has a Grand Daughter that is in the Hospital ready to undergo surgery. She loves Minions. So I am going to print out a collection of your Minions and take a couple used filament rolls and make them into a lazy Susan Display for her. Thank you so very much, you are going to make a sick little girl VERY HAPPY.

fabulosa tu muestra

Bonjour ami, je vois que vous appréciez mes créations et que vous avez aussi des idées très originales. ;)

Merci pour le suivi

Of course friend, I wish you the best in your new project and I will be delighted to see the photos of my dear minions in aluminum
A greeting from Spain ;)

starting a new life and opening an aluminium fundry in two months ...can i use one of your mignon for my first step..? i love them
i'll send you photo as soon as it ready .
and maybe share a common project one day if you are ok?
thank you
stef. (france)

nice work .. love it !