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Hola buenas tardes, Soy Roberto Ventura, de Argentina, como estás? como podemos comprar el stl para una escuela rural? Te dejo mi contacto es 2944511052

Is is possible to have this printed any larger of a size?

Yes, it can be printed to the scale that you want. I assume you mean the Mantis model

If you print it to a larger size, you will have to take into account the material and the weight, so that the legs of the mantis hold up and do not deform due to the weight.

In the original model, a print without infill is recommended, to save plastic and reduce the weight of the model. Even so, in my tests with PLA, after a year, there is a slight deformation of the legs without importance.

To scale it to the desired size, surely your printing program allows it. If you can't scale it, tell me what scale you want it to be and I'll send you the modified model.

Best regards.

After buying is it allowed to sell the 3d printed model?

Hello. Sale is not possible, all designs are protected by copyright.

how much would it roughly cost to get the bees printed. i do not own a printer. should i buy a printer for home...which one would be ok

Hello, thank you for your purchase.
The price of bees may vary depending on the material and the printing service. I recommend that you look for a nearby service where you live and contact them. Here are some addresses on my website where you can calculate the cost:

3D bee models, if you want, you do not need the inner filling, which saves time and material, and the cheapest price.

If you want to buy a printer and print it yourself, these services usually also sell printers or can give you personal advice. You can also find a lot of information on the best option for your printer on the Cults blog.

Best regards

can I get stl files without supports?

Yes, what model are you interested in?

Ok. I prepare it and I tell you.

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The model without supports is included. The scale is the real one, but it can be scaled to the dimension you want

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I just downloaded the files. Can I get the file of cuted mantis in parts without supports? I'm printing 2m mantis in height and I have to print it in segmets. Thank you!

2m! Fantastic and terrible impression!
Ok, can you provide me with your email to send you the stl? You can send it to


i can not print it. print fails

Hello, thank you for your purchase of the ant model. I'll try to help you get your impression.

But first I need to know the problem.

Where and when do the errors appear?
Is the error in the cutting program, or during printing?
The more information you send me the better to try to help you.

Hello, I'm interested in purchasing your designs. I am enquiring on behalf of Sciren pty ltd. Website

Most interested in the bee models.
Would you design others?
What are your licensing requirements?

Sciren is a company that helps communicate science to children through new and innovative ways.

Thank you for your time.

Hello, thank you very much for your interest in our designs, we have visited your website and we find your activities very interesting. We are sorry to inform you that we do not sell our stl files, nor do we make custom designs.

We would like our designs to be useful for your projects, the models, once printed, can be used freely. You can also use the educational proposals that you can find on our website .

Thanks again, kind regards.


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