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I invite you to see my work, you can also order designs. I also put together exclusive designs that will not be published anywhere.

Bonjour, est ce que le modèle des bottines jaune est bien positionné pour l'imprimer ? ne faut-il pas imprimer les chaussures à plat ?
merci de votre réponse.

hello! your models look dope but no matter what positions i try or settings i change, they only print a 2D shadow of the model and then fail the print. i use an epax x1. i use chitubox to convert the file. could you think of any reasons this might be happening?

Toutes vos créations sont magnifiques.

any one can print ghost buster marshmallow no problem, lol

thank you so much.....

Hello friends, I want you to know that a person on Thingiverse has published your design of multi part Mario without permission:

a customer has asked us if we can print him your ghost buster marshmallow i thaught i would come and ask permission