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Hi! I came across your work while searching for 3d printed figures! Love your style! One of my favorite games, Demon's Souls, is getting a remaster! There's no merch for the game and I'm wondering if you'd consider making a knight figure from the game?

how are you?
I hope very well, my name is Carlos and I have a question, I would like to know what price it has if you design a character for me that I choose


Thanks for downloading ZIPGUY. Please send me an email via so I can send you the complete set.

I hope to hear from you.

Best regards,

hello sr, I bought the zipguy file but it doesn't come with some parts, like right toe, hands, and some of the files are extremely small and my slicer auto escalate it to 1000% but 100% is like extremely small pls answer

hello my friend I downloaded the file but there is no explanatory pdf the youtube video correctly explains the assembly steps except the upper part of the body with the arms could you provide me with the pdf or explain to me how to proceed arms setup thank you in advance

HI, sorry to bother I'm trying to print up the batman beynd model and trying to do it 1/6 but I keep having problems I was ging to ask if you don't mind what you use for your settings and what program you use to print ? I have an ender 3 pro printer and using standard pla if you can offer any help or advice please I will take any lol

hey I just bought your new batman beyond model and incredible work absolutely amazing but the ab area is missing from the files is there anyway I can get that ?

I downloaded this and there is only one hand. a right hand with thumbs up.