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Приветствую, хочукупить ваш фазер стартрековский. Но не вкурсе, можете ли выводить деньги или нет,помню, какая-то канатель была с этим (я сам с Казахстана). Или проще переводом на карту? Может и минус комиссия культоская получится?:)

hello, i just purchase your t21 blaster. do you have drawings for assembly?


I've just purcharsed the Ghost in The shell thermoptic gun, i'd like to know if it would be possible to have the ammo magazine empty ?


Hey there! Purchased your DT-29 model, it's really good. Just wanted to point out that the end cap needs a notch to go flush agains the rear hand guard. Keep up the good work!

Hello, I bought your DT-29 and am wondering if you have a version where it's just one solid file. Thanks!

Hello, Thinking of buying a few of your versions of star wars blasters stl files for 3d printing
Could I print, assemble, paint and then sell finished products, in a very tiny amount (about max 10 copies of each)?


There is a small problem with the LL-30 blaster scope.
The O2 scope piece and the H2 ring fit exactly flush. Thus, I was only able to attach the O3 scope piece with complete gluing and an 8 mm insert piece.
H2 ring is 10mm wide. If O2 were 5 mm shorter and O3 5 mm longer, the parts could be slid together.
A small but very annoying bug. :-(

Hello! I recently purchased your Starkiller helmet (great work!). However, I am having some issues printing it. Would it be possible to get it cut where the outer hood-like piece is separated from the face/ears?

I would also like to add that it would be much easier for post processing

Hello, I was wondering if you have all the armor for the Starkiller? You did an amazing job on the helmet.

i bought your de 10 which came out beautifully, i was wondering what does the hollow pin go to?


I purchased de-10 (order 30343913) and it had cad files. Thank you for that. I also purchased westar-35 (order 30053228) and it didn't have a cad folder. Is it possible to get a cad folder for westar-35?

Thank you,

some cad files not available

Hi does the bo rifle fold into an armed weapon like in rebels?

Is this fully functional ?

is the shoretrooper blaster hollow or all solid inside?

Добрый день. Интересуют 3d модели под заказ. Напишите пожалуйста если Вы этим занимаетесь и каким образом происходит оплата: почасово или попроектно. Заранее благодарен. Андрей

Blaster T21
How many files is it please!
Thank you.


How many files is it please!
Thank you.

could you do other destiny weopons ? thanks

Hi, I purchased your DH-17 blaster but I see that the "handle" STL doesn't have the knurling pattern shown in the product image. Do you have a version that includes the pattern/texture?


I was wondering if your Merr-sonn CC is available for purchase somewhere other than Pinshape? They are having server issues apparently and have disabled sales.

E-22 cut in parts like all 3d models

hey there. does your E-22 rifle come with a fully assembled model, or is it just a collection of the individual pieces? thanks!

So I bought the Westar 35 Blaster here in March 2020. Would it be possible for you to send it as a completely solid object? I was trying to print it on the Anycubic Photon, but it seems to be in Vase Mode?

I bought the westar 35 blaster in cults3d.
is it possible to get the files as step or iges?
this went in CGtrader, unfortunately is no longer in cgtrader.
is this posible?

greetings Nik