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I’m confused. I’ve tried printing this unicorn 3 times with various settings staring with exactly what was in the description. The end result is always completely empty shells and no top on any of the pieces. What am I missing here? Any ideas? I did try to print this with PETG, is there a reason this would not work? Trying PLA now, but I really wanted it in a color I only have in PETG at the moment.

Thanks for your feedback
Maybe the nozzle should be 0.4mm.
Then increase the fill density and reduce the speed in 20% increments.

Hi! iv just finished printing the STRIKE FIGHTER, it's fantastic! i just wanted to say thank you for making such a good model!
Also, would you be in future doing any more imperial aircraft? i would love to see files for the thunderbolts and marauders if you make them.

thanks again for a great model!

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it's a good idea...


j'ai acheté le fichier superdupont, mais un des éléments ,LE CORPS AVEC LE SOCLE, est défectueux, impossible de l'imprimer que ce soit en résine ou en pla.

les autres parties :la tête, les bras et la cape, c'est bon.


I bought the superdupont file, but one of the elements, THE BODY WITH THE BASE, is defective, impossible to print it either in resin or in pla.

the other parts: the head, the arms and the cape, it's good

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merci pour le retour, je regarde ça.

Hi I downloaded the ironstrider but was hoping to make a dragoon, do you happen to have any files for the lance loadout?

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I'll look at the changes that need to be made.

Is there a build document for the model? I haven't started printing yet, so possibly we don't need one, but thought I would ask prior to printing. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for choosing this model.
It is easy to assemble. To help, the exploded view on the product page gives the position of the parts.

Hi. I purchased the Tank Assault design, and found that one of the unsupported zip file ( seems to be corrupted. I cannot open the zip file using windows explorer and winRAR. I can open it using 7zip, however only two files are visible (arriere and avant), and the avant file is corrupted. Could you please help? I have also tried to download the files again, and the same issue still occur on the 2nd download. Thank you.

it has been compressed with 7-zip (on windows 10 pro).
I will put the files of the central body non-compressed.

Thank you. I can download the arriere and avant files now. However unfortunately the is still problematic to open - 7-zip only shows two files (arriere and avant). Are there any other files zipped within the file asidre from the 2 tank hull files? I can't seem to find the unsupported track files (chenille avant & arriere gauche & droite?). If yes, could you please put the individual files as well?

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Thanks for your feedback.
So, this Zip folder contains more files, there are 22 more.
I put them on the model page.

Thank you!! All 24 items are accounted for now.

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Hey, your twitter page has some amazing designs and prints. I know its different for everyone, but would you mind sharing your resin printer settings for your ~40k models? The supports look amazingly thin while working so well! I've purchased and am attempting one of your pre-supported ~40k models on an Anycubic MonoX with Siraya Tech fast grey resin hoping for similar results. Perhaps my lift speeds are too fast... At any rate, knowing what you use would be helpful. Thanks!

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I use the standard grey elegoo resin with an Anycubic Mono x 6k.
Setting on photon workshop :
layer thickness 0.04 mm
normal exposure time 1.95 s
off time 0.05 s
bottom exposure time 28 s
bottom layers 4
anti-alias 1
no surface abrazine

bottom layers control:
Z lift height (0) 5 mm
Z lift speed (0) 0.5 mm/s
Z retract speed (0) 2 mm/s

Z lift height (1) 80 mm
Z lift speed (1) 2 mm/s
Z retract speed (1) 4 mm/s

transition layer amount 10

normal layers control:
Z lift height (0) 3 mm
Z lift speed (0) 0.5 mm/s
Z retract speed (0) 3 mm/s

Z lift height (1) 3 mm
Z lift speed (1) 5 mm/s
Z retract speed (1) 5 mm/s

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Right on. Thank you!

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Hi. I downloaded the redemptor dreadnaught, and the files is too big. My soft keep crushing when I am trying to open stl

Can you send me version with less poligons?

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I will work on it.

I'm currently printing you assault tank model. I noticed quickly that it is a larger scale than the original model. Do you happen to know what percentage to downscale this model to match the original scale?

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I have set the size of the model an image giving the overall height and width of the tank. I think that at 95% we should have the original size.

hello, i was interested in your kitchen scale but i would like to understand how it works before buy as the link provided is dead :(

how many gram difference can show the scale? within the download i'll find assembly instruction?

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The assembly is explained by a GIF animation to show the steps of assembly (with the name of part).
The graduation race is divided in 4 parts, for an intermediate measure, it is in approximation.

Hi I was wondering if I purchase your snake design if I could sell printed versions at my reptile shows, please let me know your answer when you can. Thank you

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Hi man, I purchased your KNIGHT OF THE CRUSADER EMPIRE but i don't get why there is more than 1 folder. Are those the same file or there is something different?

there are several files for the model and then another set of files with the model with support.

your eldar webway, is it presupport for resin printing?

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not yet, soon..

presupport for resin printing, is available...

yes, no problem

sublime :o <3 is there a flame thrower?

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Not for the moment.

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yes please if its possible.. im having a hard time curing it with resin... the walls are too thin to hold any rigidity. its a very awesome model for sure.. i did replace the pilot with a death korp pilot but in the end its very awesome!

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hello good sir.. i have recently purchased the Stiker, i was woundering if u happen to also have it as a solid pcs an not already hollowed out.. every time i print it, it is too soft an would love to have a more solid feel to it

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Hi, thanks for your feedback.
I hollowed it out with 1mm thickness. The version without the backing is not hollowed out.
I can make a version with 2 mm thickness with the supports.

Bonjour, est ce que je peux vendre des serpents à la foire? Merci et bravo pour votre beau travail.

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Oui, bien sûr.
Ce serait sympa de me reverser une commission, genre 5%.

I just purchased and started printing the Armiger. Do you have any alternate heads or masks that can be attached that look more knightly? Not having that option is the biggest facing of the official models.

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I plan to actually make some.
Thanks for your feedback.

Just bought your knight file, kinda lost on how to print and build the thing since nothing is in english and im lost any help? thanks!

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Thanks for your feedback.
I just posted a bill of materials on the model page. The parts are named on the exploded view.

Je suis en ce moment sur un autre projet (moto Mc Farlane) ensuite je passe à votre Knight, bravo pour le travail réalisé .

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Merci beaucoup.

Hello, i just purchase the knight but i sae that is not supported...where i can find the supported one?

ZIP files with supports are those that start with a number.
ex :

bonjour est ce que l'on peut imprimer sur une elegoo mars pro 2 le CHEVALIER DE L'EMPIRE CROISÉ ? merci, et va tu faire un version chaos ?

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à priori, ce modèle est compatible avec une Elegoo mars pro 2.

Les versions avec supports sont réalisées avec Chitubox paramétré pour un plateau 68 x 120 et un hauteur de 150 mm (d'où le socle disponible en deux partis).
La version chaos est à l'étude aussi.

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Hey Jeanpierre,

I really like your Imperial Knights and just printed my first one which came out amazing so thanks for your great work!
I have three ideas for further 3d models or upgrades of the exisiting ones.
1. Would it be possible to provide versions of your models that are prepared with holes for magnetizing?
2. It would be great to have more weapon options available like the chainsword for example.
3. Creating a Dominus Class Knight model would be really awesome and would then complete the range of Knight models that exists.

Again, great work you are doing.


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Hi Johnny,

First of all, thank you very much.
Yes, indeed the magnetic fasteners are planned because they allow to have several positioning.
In project also other options of weapons to equip the knights.
Thanks again for the suggestion of the Dominus Class Knight, it is great