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I'm interested in flsun qq-s-btt-skr1.4 however I would need firmware do you have that available?

Can you make me Omnistore 5000 right base and right cup? Best regards Hannu from Finland 😀

.... Right end cap 🙃

Lost it... :-)
Only the Right end cap? Yes possible, €50,- without shipping cost...

I invite you to see my work, you can also order designs. I also put together exclusive designs that will not be published anywhere.

may I ask if you can provide the Fusion file for the Omnistor right end cap?

I printed it for a friend, but the small tabs have a slightly different position. So I want to shift the tabs and send the new version over to you so that you can offer both versions of the cap.


Hello, we are a campervan building company and are looking for the end cap thule 5000. Exactly like this. Is there a possibility that you produce it for us? We are common with the files, but can't print it by ourselfs. Please let me know what the costs would be including shipping to the Netherlands.
Can you send me an email at ? thanks in advance! Greetings Hendy

link product:

Bonjour, je souhaiterais remixer votre dessin pour bobine sur IKEA Pegboard.
Pourriez vous me fournir le fichier .obj par exemple?

Hi, I came across your work while looking for a way to rid myself of the detestable CR-10 control box. You do very nice work! Your models have a design elegance that is lacking in so many others.

I'm still not sure if I'm going to mod my CR-10 or replace it with a newer machine. I don't have room for 2 machines, and though I believe I can build or fix most things, I'm not that confident with electronics. At any rate, I may have missed something, but how are you holding in/up the boxes in the CR-10 retrofit?

Also, most people never upload original model files, only .stls. I almost always want to edit the model and usually have to re-model using the .stl as reference. I work in Rhino which can convert .STLs, but accuracy is always lost. If I wanted to rework an element, would it be possible to get in in another format? I'm not familiar with Fusion 360, how is it with reworking STLs?

All the best.

i would need the left end cap have you scan it ?
and how much do you want to do it?
Thanks a lot,

Hello, I'm interested in your Omnistor 5000 right end cap to replace this missing component on my motorhome. I fear the mechanism that this cap covers is it possible to print this too?
Thanks David

Est-il possible que vous m'imprimiez l'EMBOUT DROIT ET GAUCHE OMNISTORE / THULE 5000,
Combien demandez-vous avec les frais de port.

-M Gouyou Alexandre
E mail :

Serait il possible que vous m'imprimer une nouvelle pièce: EMBOUT DROIT OMNISTORE / THULE 5000,

Si oui combien demandez vous avec les frais de port.


E-mail :

Can I get your email, please? I can explain it properly on email. Thank You :)

Stil don't get it. What's there left to design yourself if you have the CAD files?

You can measure al the part from the STL, you can print this and measure the components. Or you'r inspired by my model and recreate your own.
That's how you learn to model yourself. Not by copying others...

Good luck with your study!

What project? You don't need the CAD models for 3D printing? Tell me more..