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hi, I just bought it and looks like it is missing the 70 pokemons from April.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Thank you for your support by pre-ordering the pokemon gen2! We're working on them as fast as we can, test printing each. Unfortunately, we couldn't meet the deadline in April. Our apologies for that. We're releasing them in small batches, but it will take us a few more months to finish the complete collection - probably in October. We'll be releasing also some free models as a present and an apology for taking so long.

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how do i do the trackson johnny as they keep breaking

I can't help you with a printing error unless I see it. My Johnny 5 printed well, so maybe it's just missing supports somewhere. You can send us a photo of the failed print so we can have a look at it! :)

škoda že není rozdělený na díly pro lepší tisk Tommy Angelo

Hello! The pieces should fit together well. You might have glued it somewhat wrong which causes it not to fit. You can send us a photo so we can see it and help you.

Hi, I’m printing the Stormbreaker right now and I love it. I wanna put a rod in the middle so its sturdy and I know you guys put a hole in it for that. I need a rod to put in but I’m having trouble finding a rod with the same width and length because I don’t have the tools to cut a metal rod. I was wondering if you can send me a link of the one you guys used . If I really need to cut a rod I will find a way I’m sure. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

Hello! We always buy stuff like that from local craft stores and cut it, so I can't help with that, sorry!

Hiya, i purchased the ashe rifle from overwatch but i only recieved the 2 full rifle files (obj&stl), but the cut up print ready pieces files that you advertise in the listing and pictures are missing.

anyway i can still get those please?

Sorry for the error! I've uploaded the cut STL!

does this price include the other missing pokemon?

Hi. Yes, when you buy the whole generation, you'll get all the pokemon from that generation. We're working on them slowly, but we always update the files when we release a new batch. :)

hello! would if be possible to buy the thor love and thunder arm and leg protections seperate? as the arm protections I got with my cosplay are simply to small and they are fabric

HI! Sure, please, email us at :)

hello! i have a question about the chainsaw helmet? is it a unisex sizefor what size of the head is this one? i might need it in 59cm head size and wanted to ask if this one would fit befor i buy it
best regards!

At 100% scale the digital model’s dimensions are approximately:
Width 267 mm
Length 973 mm
Height 426 mm
This can be a bit large for your head, but you can scale it down to your liking in the slicer before 3D printing.

would you do a bundle deal if i purchase the first gen as well as the second gen?

Probably not, sorry. The models are a lot of work and the discount on the whole gen is quite large as it is. Thank you for understanding!

Any plans on modeling the Atreides helmet?

In the future, sure! Once we can get our hands on more reference images so we can see the design well!

I‘ve purchased the Kirito integral knight armor. It was mentioned in the description that there are complete pieces that are not cut into smaller pieces. Now i wanna print the arm piece and there is no complete file there Only 2 single pieces and no complete arm peace.

Ok, added uncut version without the decorations. I left the scale as it was (26 cm high) You can see the size in your slicing or 3D viewing program, scale it to your liking in your slicing program.

Thank you very much, but the uncut version has the wrong measurements. I've tried exporting the foream (without decoration) as a .stl-file, but it has the wrong measurements. How can i see the original size of e.g. the forearm part (x,y,z) without the decorations but not cutted in half?

Sorry i am pretty new at 3D Modelling and Printing.

The OBJ folder is the uncut version. I uploaded just the uncut forearms to a separate folder though, happy printing!

Hello! I just bought the SinoAlice sword! You adviced to add a metal rod to reinforce it, do I have to modify the 3d model to add one? I'm quite bad with 3d modelling 😅

OK thanks, I just sent you an email 😌

We have to cut it in order to create the holes for the rod parts. After that, if you scale it, the hole for the rod will also change its size. So it would be better to measure the scale now, so it isn't too large for you when you print it. You can email me at

That would be so nice of you T-T I was thinking of using the scale in which the blade is already in the model. I will cut it in smaller parts for printing!

Hi! Yes, if you want to add a rod inside, you have to hollow a space in the model. We can do it for you, but we'll need the scale in which you want to print the sword :)

Hello! I love your work on the Pokemon and was wondering if it would be ok to sell prints? I’ll gladly give your shop a mention in the description as y'all are awesome 😎

Hi! Thank you! Sure, you can sell the printed products if you link to our website on your selling platform/eshop and use your own photos. More info:

Thank you to provide the "COLLAPSING ANIMAL TOYS" 3d Models. Where can i get the blank support?

Hey! I reviewed the files, everything is there. Check the "SinglePieces" folder.

Hello, I was wondering if I can sell your ring models such as the cubistic one?

Oh ok, I will link to the product pages when I sell the actual rings themselves.

Hi. You can sell only the actual 3D printed ring, if you link to the product page with the digital files here on our cults account.
Full terms and conditions:

I bought the Cosplay Spells but I can't find in the files for big fire flame with hole in bottom. I just have one but not open in bottom ?
Could you help me ?

Hi! The outer fire flame is made of 3 pieces, that create the "hole" and the inner small fire flame does not have one in order to print nicely. You'll make a hole after you print it that suits your LED lights. Here is a assembly guide and a video:

Hi :)

I try to do Kurama without support but one of the tails comes off the board all the time at the same time, do you have a solution?

Hi there! The best solution would be to paint a custom support on the problematic part. We managed to print it without supports on our prusa mk3s and it's hard to tell why it's coming off on your printer :(

hello! I am planning to buy the mermaid melody locket file but I was wondering, is this designed with a hinge so that we can open and close the locket just like in the anime? I am looking forward to your response! Thank you so much!

Hi there! There's no 3D printable hinge on that design, It's only the shell and the decorations inside. For opening and closing it, you would have to buy a real hinge in a craft store and glue it on. :)

I bought the horns v3 but I can't find in the files the parts to assemble them and hang them on a headband (yellow part).
Could you help me please.

Best regards

Thanks a lot !

Hi Barbara, updated the files so the mounting pins are there as well!

i was wondering if there was a "how to" out there on putting together the new version of the chainsaw man helmet

If you scroll through the product gallery, you'll find colour-divided render photos of the individual parts and the 3D printer preview. Once you print all the parts, you just need to glue them together according to that graphic scheme.

Hi there! I was trying to find this answer but i either couldn't find it or was oblivious and looked right past it.

If I buy your 3D print files am i able to sell the item once printed? I've seen certain artists that allow this for a small fee or subscribing to a tier on their patreon etc. I have some ideas for projects with your files, but i wanted to make sure I'm doing everything with your permission and doing it properly. Thank you!

Hi! You can sell the actual printed products if you link to our website on your selling platform/eshop. More info:

Olá, bom dia! Sou do Brasil e gostaria de saber se eu poderia vender em minha cidade esse produto. Caso sim, estarei fazendo mais contato para ter outros modelos , como coração, flor, etc. Desde já agradeço. Thais

Hi! You can sell the actual printed products (which you buy) if you link to our website or write it somewhere in the store. More info:

do you have the small think circular pins/holders for the cracked version disc to attach to the hammer? Cant find those files anywhere?

Thank you for the reply. Makes sense.

It's prepared for inserting magnets (1cm wide, 5mm high) for easy access to the electronics. :)

Hi there! Could you please write me an email ( ) including a photo highlighting the specific part you want? Thank you! :)