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Hey 1234MURON - I'm developing a very budget (likely free) Cold War conflict ruleset but in 3mm (reminiscent of Hind Commander if you're familiar with that system - but more inclusive of ground assets, EW systems and infantry. We've tested the rules throughout this year now lockdowns have lifted at the local club and my mates seem to enjoy it. If anything comes it and it gets published or released for profit - would be open to my crediting your work in the rules, some marketing, any blog articles or videos we produce and, of course, cut you in at maybe a 5% of the revenue generated?
The rules are 1:1 on 18mm bases (roughly 3mm scale) - each respresenting either a single vehicle (my preference) or a platoon (many of my friends at the club prefer this).

So many clubs and players speak of developing rules or miniature ranges one day - but all most of us ever seem to do is add to our piles of shame. :D
With the coming year - I'd like to get my ducks in a row and see if you'd be interested if this idea progressed to selling the printed and painted miniatures (I'm not overly keen on the idea of selling STLs..) and having a 1:20 split sent you as a thanks for your contribution.

I've sculpted most of the infantry (thought the Middle Eastern conflicts between Israel and its neighbours was as good a setting as any to kick off - and offers so much variety in the kit used!) - sourced the armor designs (just lacking a few which we might dedide not to end up including anyway as the specific iterations were relatively rare - air assets are next on the to-do list.
Before embarking on sculpting these - thought I'd reach out and see if it's something you'd be keen on. Otherwise I can do it myself - but since you have most of what I'd be doing over available anyway (with a significant degree of modification to look forward to given the scale!) it could turn into nothing - couple be couple grand in royalties over however many years for work you've made available free, anyway.

If you're interested - I can send you some pictures of where we're at so far.
Might find it a fun gig to partake in.

Have a great week mate

Hey! I really liked your design, im looking for the legendary animals from RDR2. I saw u have the deer, leopard, boar. I steel need coyote, bear, wolf, male moose, ram, bison, beaver, wapiti and a fox. I know its a lot, but if u are interested, call me on instagram, i couldn´t find yours. Mine is @Baasque
Your work is amazing, if i find all of the legendary i would definetely print it and paint!