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Cults (hereinafter the "organizer") registered under number: 81052231800015 with registered office at 130 rue de Paris, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt.
Organizes from March 13, 2017 at midnight GMT+1 (Paris) to April 13, 2017 at midnight GMT+1 (Paris) a free game with no purchase mandatory, entitled "Makes Contest" (hereinafter referred to as "the Game"), in accordance with the procedures set out in this Regulation.
The Game is organized in partnership with the company "BCN3D Technologies", owner of the website:, located at: Fundació Privada Centre CIM - C / I Llorens Artigas, 12-08028 - Barcelona, Spain and registered under number: G63749162.


This free game is open to any individual aged over 13 years, with access to internet, a valid email address an account on the website Cults and no country requirement; except people that are part of the organizing company and their families, as well as all persons involved in the development of the game.
The game is subject to the regulation of French law applicable to games and contests.
Nevertheless, any underage participant must obtain the prior authorization of one of his parents or his legal guardian to participate in the Game.
The organizing company may ask any underage participant to justify this authorization and, if necessary, to disqualify a participant who cannot justify this authorization.
The organizer can ask any underage winner to justify of that parental authorization to participate in the Game. The organizer reserves the right to designate another winner once an initial winner is underage, is unable to provide sufficient proof of such authorization.
The fact of participating in this game implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these rules.


This game is located on the website exclusively, during the dates indicated in Article 1. The conditions of participation are explained and accessible on this page:

Participation in the game is performed by uploading one or more photos of a 3D printed object from a 3D file downloaded from Cults. The user must be the author of the photo and the 3D print, in order to participate in the contest. The contest is not restrictive; the user can participate as many times as he wishes. That being said, only one creation per participant will be in the final top 30. The creation will be selected by default, it'll be the creation that received the most "I like" among all its submissions.
The upload is done on this address To validate its participation in the contest, the user must mention the hashtag #BCN3DCULTS in the "Description of your make" part. By posting this hashtag, the user acknowledges accepting these rules of the Game.
To participate, users must also have a valid email address.


Three winners will be selected within fifteen days following the end of the game.
The winners will be contacted by email via the email they provided on their Cults account. Within fifteen days of the selection of the winners, the email sent by the company confirm the nature of the winnings and modalities for benefit. Each winner must provide a valid postal address to receive their gifts. Any winner giving an incorrect address or do not response within thirty days after receiving the notice of their gain will be deemed to waive it and the prize will be awarded to an alternate winner.
Winners will be determined based on the number of "Likes" on their photo(s) of Make(s) they’ve submitted for participation, on the quality of their 3D print (color, resolution, size, defect, materials ...) and on the originality of its photographic staging (use, photographic quality, decor, etc.). Among the 30 creations that earned the most "Likes" (limited to one creation by maker) a jury of three people will be responsible for determining a top 3, a ranking selecting the winner, the second and the third of the contest. The jury is composed by Bulent Yusuf, author of the blog All3DP; Marc Felis, marketing director of the company and BCN3D and Wesley Millora aka BigLilDesign, a designer member of Cults’ community. The company Cults will manage the coordination between its three board members and ensure that a final Top 3 is validated between the different parties.


The game has the following prizes, attributed to the participants declared winners. Each winner wins a single prize.
List of prizes:
• 1st prize for the winner of the contest: a Sigma 3D printer from the brand BCN3D (worth € 2,655.95).
• 2nd prize for the second of the contest: 3 filament spools to select from all spools available at BCN3D (with total value of between € 44.95 and € 179.85).
• 3rd prize for the third of the contest: 50 € vouchers for downloading 3D files on Cults.
For the first two prizes, BCN3D will be responsible for sending the prizes to the winners. Cults will in no case be liable for any problems related to the delivery of these prizes. Cults will have the obligation to give the full name and address of the winners in the BCN3D company that will send the prizes to the winners as soon as possible. For the third prize Cults will manage it directly with the winner via email without BCN3D.
The organizer reserves the right to verify the age of any winner before sending him his prize. The prizes will not be exchanged for their value in cash or any other endowment. The organizing company cannot be held responsible for the use or non-use, or even the trading, of the prizes by the winners. In the event of a big problem the organizing company reserves the right to replace the lot won by a lot of nature and equivalent value.


The participants authorize verification of their identity. If they don’t want to comply with this regulation, as well as any fraud or attempted cheating, irrespective of its modalities, they will be eliminated from the contest.