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Señuelo de la pesca de Popper

Descripción del modelo 3D

This was suppose to be a Croatian egg lure. (Sorry Roman I tried.)

From what I understand a Croatain Egg is suppose to float with the hook out of the water and be great for weedy or lily pads areas. With the inverted hook floating out of the water it should skip right over most vegetation without getting snagged. Unfortunately the design is suited more for a buoyant type balsa wood rather than 3D printing. Even printed at only 10% infill and heavily weighted up front I could not get the hook to float out of the water and if I added more weight it would just sink.

It still makes a great topwater popper lure so I thought I'd still share it. (keep in mind I still need to fully test it.)

I'm still going to play with the design and shift the weights more forward and see what happens so this is a "Work In Progress."

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Señuelo de la pesca de Popper

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