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Piper Cub 1/4 scale dummy engine

Descripción del modelo 3D

Parts to make a semi scale Continental dummy engine for a roughly 1/4 scale Cub. The dummy is designed to duct air into the cowl. The size may need to be adjusted to suit your model, because of slight differences in cub models.

Parts include:
Left and right cylinders with exhaust tubes, intake tubes and pushrod tubes.
Baffle covers for ducting air over the cylinders.
Cylinder covers.
Gas cap with a hole for a brass tube.
Intake box/filter.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

The parts fit a 200x200 mm area as supplied.

I printed mine at 0.2 mm layer height.
Two outlines is enough.
25% infill is enough.
Support is necessary under the exhaust tubes and filter box.

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



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14 comentarios

How can I separate the pieces to print them individually? Thanks! Chad

How can I print these parts separate? Is there a way to separate the pieces? Thanks! Chad

For 1:6 scale rescale the parts to 66,67% in the slicer.

can I find the finished files on a 1/6 scale ?, do I need them, or alternatively, what scale can I change? and the whole scale is 1/6
Regards -Kari-

Hello mate! I had my sons teacher print the engine but some parts didn’t turn out that great. He ask me is there anyway to print just the parts that didn’t turn out that great.? Thanks! Chad Cole

The whole part bundle takes up 192x198 mm of print area in 1/4 scale size. If you separate the parts it takes up less.

Can you provide the dementions of the dummy engine please? I have a friend that’s going to print it for me. Thanks!

@AMC You can scale the model to any size you want in the slicer. 80% scale is close to 1/5 scale. I have printed 1/5 scale version and even 1/3 scale versions myself.

I am interested by this model 3D but I do not know the drawing 3D. I will want to know if there is the possibility of having it on scale 1/5 because I have a model on this scale or to give the report to be applied before impression.
Thank you.

Hi Thank you so much.
When you do any new components for rc aircraft please notify me.
Thank You
Pieter Frylinck

Hi, paf.

You can separate the parts in your slicer. The slicer should have that function. In Simplify 3D it's called "Separate connected Surfaces".

Hi I just downloaded your dummy engine. Is it possible to get the files individually. So that I my print each one separately.

Will appreciate it.
What else have you got for piper cubs ie dash etc.
Thank You
my email

Hi. The original CAD is designed in 3D STudio Max as a mesh, so the STL is the same as the 3DS model.

Hello, I purchased this Piper Cub scale engine model in .stl
May I ask you to send me the original 3D CAD file? That way I am able to export an even finer .stl because I want to minimize the finishing on the printed part.
I really appreciate your work and your support. Thank you very much.
Best regards, Hans-Ulrich Peyer

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