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Modelo 3D Pen Pillow gratis, Atomicosstudio
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Pen Pillow

Descripción del modelo 3D

What do you do when you've been writing or drawing for hours?
You throw your pen and take a break, but... have you ever thought about what your pen suffers?

Working every day without having a good rest, sleeping in the first place it finds, sometimes even on the floor!, but it's time to give it what it deserves.

Did you know that 80% of good ideas come from the pen and not from your brain? So take care of it!

Note: After using this pillow, your pen will not be the same again

Note 2: It also works with pencils, colors, markers and MAYBE with mechanical pencils, We have not tried it yet, but it should work.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

No supports needed

Original Size:
X: 50.00 mm
Y: 36.71 mm
Z: 12.25 mm
(it can be scaled without problem)

Printed and worked in:
0.1mm layer height
5 top solid layers
3 bottom solid layers
2 perimeter shells
20% infill

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



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