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Hawk Nanatsu NT

Descargar archivos 3D gratis Hawk Nanatsu NT , ismael_jisoDescargar archivos 3D gratis Hawk Nanatsu NT , ismael_jisoDescargar archivos 3D gratis Hawk Nanatsu NT , ismael_jisoDescargar archivos 3D gratis Hawk Nanatsu NT , ismael_jisoDescargar archivos 3D gratis Hawk Nanatsu NT , ismael_jiso
Descargar archivos 3D gratis Hawk Nanatsu NT , ismael_jiso

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Hawk [ホーク] is a talking pig and Meliodas's companion. He is introduced as the custodian of the Boar Hat bar who helps clean up the disgusting food scraps left by customers.

Master Hawk must be remembered! Although he does not do so much in battles, except when he sacrificed himself.

The current model has a height of 50 mm. And all its dimensions are based on manga from different perspectives.

This model can be, and at the same time, not collectable, because I will continue designing more characters from the same story, respecting their presentations, and physical improvements. It does not count, nor will it count, with an acquisition price, but any donation to continue improving the results will be appreciated.

" This model, like all the ones I'm designing, will be found only in Cults3d and Thingiverse. Please avoid uploading it to other sites, as they will be informed for instant cancellation. This measure is to take into account the time invested that is needed to model each one, the awareness of the CC license and my attribution to give them the best possible designs. "

I hope you like it! Any suggestion, I will gladly read it. Any remix of this one will be appreciated to improve its printing quality.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

By having very small dimensions in the tail and in the earring, it is necessary to use an adequate printing resolution so that it does not have any problem.
An apology if I do not specify the parameters well, but only the design.

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL



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Descargadas 3484
Ventas 81 $

I'm a freelance 3D modeler/designer.

I make free models of characters from cartoons, series and animated films, as well as other themes such as manga/anime, which are scarcely available for 3D printing. Because I would like everyone to have an opportunity to get them without difficulty.
I will finish publishing 1 to 2 models per week, so I invite you to wait patiently, to deliver the best possible designs.

Do you want a special model, and as soon as possible? With pleasure you can contact me by message, or by my email that is at the end, and I will make a quote on it.

Do you want or need a 3d designer/modeler by contract? We could talk about it.

Do you think there is a model that many may like, from some well-known animated series? Tell me the suggestion, and I will take it into account for upcoming models that are about to be made.

Do you want to support me with this initiative, but you do not know how? With suggestions, it would be enough for me to have more models. But I can also accept donations through this means, through TIP, in order to give them better designs when improving my work tools.

I hope this information is of great help! The most important thing is that they can have better opportunities in free models, and above all, that they enjoy them.

Have an excellent day!

Ismael Jiménez
Conoce mis avances por medio de instagram: @ismael.jiso



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