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Conversion kit for making a flyable Revell 1:32 Westland Lynx kit.

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Print the following from PLA:
Mainframe01.stl - Parts for the main frame for the Revell 1:32 Sea Lynx.
Micromaintotor02.STL - Main rotor pitch link rotation guide.
Tailrotor02.STL - Tail rotor and pitch change beam.
Swashlinks02.STL - Rod ends for the Esky CP swash plate ball ends.
Spacer.STL - Spacers for the main shaft.
Mainblade03.STL - Thicker main blade model. Stiffer, but more drag. Not flight tested.

Print the following from Taulman 910:
Micromaintotor01.STL - Main rotor hub.
Scissor02.STL - Scissor links with flex hinges for the main landing gear.

Parts list:
Assorted M2 screws and M3 set screws.
2x ball bearings 3x6x2,5mm
3mm steel rod for main shaft.
3x servos Turnigy™ TGY-D56LV:
Main gear: 128-136 tooth Active Hobby 84 Pitch CNC Composite Spur Gear:
Pinion: GWS 0,3 mod 10t brass pinion (or similar 0,3 mod/84 pitch).
Main motor: EH200 Brushless Outrunner 4100kv, or similar 3000-4000 kv motor:
Tail motor: NTM Prop Drive 13-12 3000KV, or similar 2600-3000kv motor:

The illustration shows how the parts of the main frame and servos go together. The main frame is assembled with #0x1 /4 screws. Servos as well. Make the main shaft from steel and drill holes for a 1mm main gear locking pin, and a flat on the top for the main rotor set screws. I made the point of the rotor set screw into a pin that goes through a hole in the shaft for extra security.

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