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Robot woman - Robotica

Descargar archivos STL gratis Robot woman - Robotica, ShiraDescargar archivos STL gratis Robot woman - Robotica, ShiraDescargar archivos STL gratis Robot woman - Robotica, ShiraDescargar archivos STL gratis Robot woman - Robotica, Shira

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Her name is Robotica.
I do not know if my profession is to design, paint or modeling. But Robotica has a little bit of everything.

Robotica is an articulated doll. The pieces are joined by elastic cords is all it takes to build once you have printed the pieces. (She wears the same system to steady my little robot )
You can see here as the doll is assembled:

More of my artistic works here:

Is time for giving and sharing, so ...
I have shared this doll without rights to market, but if you are interested in selling it, you can write me, I will give you the authorization to do so you only have to donate 10% of sales price to a charity. I help this foundation or but you can choose whether you prefer to help with that 10% to other foundations of your country or another in which you have confidence. That is my condition.
If you do not want to sell her I hope you enjoy it !!!

Parámetros de impresión 3D

You can choose a head with eyes to print, or eyeless head (this can paint easily and move your eyes, you can hold them with some kind of clay)
I recommend printing oh highest quality for good fitment. No need material support should be needed.

The elastic cord that best fits the figurine is 3mm in diameter.

Layer height(mm): 0.1
botton/top, Shell thickness(mm): 1.2 It is important for delicate parts of the hands and legs
Fill density%: 15
Print speed(mm/s): 40
Support : none , but if you have trouble, you can choose "platform adhesion "
I've printed pla 210º (c)

  • Formato de archivo 3D : STL
  • Tamaño del modelo 3D : X 53 × Y 46 × Z 67 mm



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I was born in Madrid, Spain. I started drawing and modeling in my early childhood. I studied Fine Arts at the University of Madrid (Complutense). I specialized in sculpture and went on to study modelling and ceramics in in Madrid Ceramics School. I worked as a graphic designer for eight years and then as an illustrator for several years. I am also a sculptor and like create articulated dolls. I invite you to see my website ​



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Can you help me a little bit? I have downloaded the models, and I have trouble finding the upper torso and the cover for the head. Seems that they aren't in the archive. Thanks

Hello !
Can you tell - who is the author of this model ? Can he upload full version with foot joints ?

Hello. Nice work (build the robot already). Can you please upload the back of the head for this doll ?

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