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Mini RC Jet Boat 200 Mono

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Barco de tamaño completo con estator y boquilla 230x75x50mm

Tamaño del barco sin estator y boquilla 200x75x50mm

Necesita una impresora 3D con una altura de impresión mínima de 200mm.

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Mini Jet Boat 200 Mono controlado por RC

Mini Jet Boat 200 Twin controlado por control remoto

Mini Jet Boat 300 Mono controlado por RC

Tome este modelo, si sólo necesita el Water Jet Drive

Para los principiantes, recomiendo empezar con RC Jet Boat 200 Mono o el Jet Boat 300 Mono


Partlist (última actualización en 2020.05.07)

Motor sin escobillas


Motor con escobillas

Mi controlador RC (ejemplo)


Es resistente al agua ... ¡SÍ, lo es!

  • ¡Mira el vídeo RC MiniMono Boat - 3D printed Jet Drive UNDERWATER! Después de eso, ¡no había agua en él!

  • Si tu impresión del casco es buena, debería ser impermeable. Pero, si quieres estar seguro, podrÌas pintarlo con una fina capa de barniz para coches. Yo he probado ambas variantes y funciona muy bien.

  • El eje de transmisión del barco está sellado entre dos cojinetes lisos con una junta lubricante.

  • La cubierta se sella con un cordón de 2 mm de gomaespuma o con una junta flexible impresa en 3d


  • 20210722 actualización a V003, rejilla, pomo, ...

  • 20200827 añadido decoración de pegatinas como svg y pdf

  • 20200611 actualizar lista de piezas de esc y motor

  • 20200603 añadido motor_180_ adapter.stl

  • 20200527 revisado todos los enlaces

  • 20200324 corregido error en boat_hull_split_a y boat_hull_split_b

  • 20191027 actualización boat_hull, nozzle, seal

  • 20191005 añadido boat_trimtabs

  • 20190924 añadido boat_cover para el auto-enderezamiento

  • 20190907 nuevo VideoTutorial para montar la electrónica del Jet Boat

  • 20190815 optimizado boat_cover para facilitar la impresión 3d

  • 20190806 añadido una versión de boat_hull sin montaje de batería 18650

  • 20190721 añadido un nuevo boat_cover coordsys, algunos slicer tenían problemas

  • 20190712 añadido fotos de ajustes y montaje de cura

  • 20190708 trabajando en un video de cómo hacerlo y un tutorial

  • 20190702 añadido boat_hull dividido para una menor altura de volumen de construcción.

  • 20190701 carga inicial

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Parámetros de impresión 3D

slicer: cura (por favor tome cura, no tome slic3r!)

Boquilla: 0.4mm

pared: 3 Perímetro

soporte: sólo para la cubierta

Optimizar el orden de impresión de la pared: Sí

Rellenar Gabs entre paredes: No

capas adaptables: Sí con Capa: 0,10 a 0,20mm

material: PLA

relleno: no (sólo para la cubierta)

Optimización del recorrido del relleno: Sí

¡No demasiado rápido! Imprime las piezas con unos 30mm/s, para conseguir una buena conexión de capas. (Depende de la calidad de tu impresora)

No demasiado caliente, debido a la caída de la boquilla PLA 205*C

  • Formato de archivo 3D: ZIP
  • Última actualización: 2021/07/22 16:50
  • Fecha de publicación: 2019/06/28 23:30





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Yes, it's a cool model, but I've issues, may be due to the same cause , the boat weight when using the BLHELI ESC :

  • at full throttle, the boat goes underwater
  • the self-righting doesn't work

I've try the Littlebee ESC + Recom DC/DC but at the middle of the throttle, the motor changes the rotation way. I've build 2 Littlebee + DC/DC, but I've the same thing on both.

The pack of red brushless motor has a 3mm axe.

I think I'll build the 300 mm Jetboat which seems to be more stable.

I didn't resolve the bow going underwater on this model, but had similar issues on the 300mm model and I modified the stator where it meets the hull, so the stator/nozzle angle slightly up at the back (i.e. I "trimmed" the top edge of the stator flange, and aligned the prop shaft end support in the stator to match). If I recall correctly it was only a 3 degree change, but it makes all the difference. It would be nice to have a way of adjusting the stator/nozzle pitch angle by a few degrees, but it is beyond my design skills.

Hi @Brucekeen,
Thank you for your feed back, I'll try to change the output flow angle. Have you try without stabilizators ?

@jtronics, any idea to solve our issues ?

Thank you ;-)

Nice model with good detail. One problem I have is that at full throttle the boat drives itself underwater. The equipment is put as far back as I can, and the trim looks correct at low speed, but the faster I go the lower the bow gets, until it eventually goes straight under the water, just like a submarine! Any tips? My thought was to modify the stator/nozzle slightly to angle it up a few degrees.

FYI, I found brim build plate adhesion was necessary to stop the self-righting cover from warping (when it warped then didn't create a good seal)

@ThomasLucas What do you meant? I don't know anything about your battery. My boat runs with my 2x 18650 batteries about 15min.


With battery in place, how much times can we play before the battery are too weak ?
Best regards, Thomas

@andybalg Hi andybalg, It is enough if you post your question only one time.
I don't know what are you doing with an arduino. You don't have to program anything.
Connecting the ESC and the Servo to your receiver should be really easy.

Hey there, we've sucessfully printed, soldered an built this cool model,

BUT I struggle heavily with ESC Settings - programming using an Arduino works, but I cannot get this motor to work.
I'd also suggest, that the electronic topics (How to solder balancing cable to LiPo, ESC setup and use of voltage regulator would be very helpful (at least for me) - So far the boat and has been built and soldered, and everything works, but the motor only beeps, but does not spin up correctly.

The Motor ist 2-3s . Does it really Work on 4s? Is the Jet drive able to use that much power without Kavitation?

has anyone tried this on a 3S battery?

Thank you!

Download the full packet again.
You could download the bought project so often you want, with all updates.

How can I download "20200603 added motor_180_ adapter.stl"
Full packet I downloaded early.

- print the screw with a smaller hole, there are some settings for better results in the slicer software
- grind the shaft flat in place of the screws
- use some glue

I have problems connecting the propeller to the shaft. It is working for the first few seconds then it is turning losse. Do you have an idea how to tighten the set screws or is there another trick to tighten prop?

@giacomoborghi02 I added a link to a lipo charger

how you charge your battery pack?

@giacomoborghi02 the "boat_cover.STL" file in the v001 folder. It's the old version.

where can I find the stl of the flat cover

The problem was the ESC configuration.
BLHeli has solved the problem :)

@martijnsan Thanks for helping @Mc_KaNaN

@ Mc_KaNaN swap any two motor wires to reverse direction.

When accelerating until it reaches 50% of the travel, the motor does not move, but when it reaches 75% it begins to turn in the opposite direction.
Any idea?

@ Mc_KaNaN
you could use every cable you want. If you need more Information to the electronic stuff, you will find here:

Hi Stefan, I answered you via Facebook.

Hey Jtronics,

thanks for this design. I have printed the boat_hull.STL in the v002_stl Folder with Cura 4.5 / Ender 3.
The print turned out fine, but there is an issue at the bottom of the jet inlet.
The wall thickness there is so small, that Cura seems to have problems slicing it. It turns out asymmetric.
The Option "Print Thin Walls" changes the issue a little, but it is still visible.

Please have a look:

I have sliced with same settings the V001 Model. There is no issue, the jet inlet looks symmetric.


I have slice


Hello Martijn,
thanks for the info. I checked it. Yes there was a bug in the parts "boat_hull_split_a" and "boat_hull_split_b" .
But now it is fixed.

Thank you

Hello, thanks for the great design. I'm having a lot of fun building together with my son.

Question: we've printed boat_hull_split_a and boat_hull_split_b from the v002 stls. However, the b part is slightly smaller on the mating surface of the a part, it doesn't fit... I've measured the stls in a cad program and they are indeed different.

Could you please release a new set of files that match?

Thanks a lot.

Please what support in cura do you use?

What's the difference between v001 and v002? It's not clear from the discription

What's your problem? The links are working.

Could someone pass me the purchase link of these two components on AliExpress?

1x servo brass tube OD 2mm, ID 1mm (servo rod), Length 10mm
1x drive jet bearing, brass tube OD 3mm, ID 2mm (drive rod Length 3mm, servo rod Length 10mm)

Okay :-).Thanks for the rapid answer! Until Yesterday it was also at Aliexpress not available. Thanks god a lot :-) . I have a further question. Is it possible to link your Cura settings? I know you could have an other printer. But I have overtook your settings from the Images. But what is confusing for me. I have in the same Print-Time the twice in filament consumption. And I can't find out why....

@KASU01 The "GS-2502 Nano Servo 2g" is avaiable. The part is linked. Please look to the part list (1x servo GS-2502).

Dear Team,

is there an alternative servo avaiable for the GS 2502 which fit's in the holder of the hull and in regard of the specs. Because the gs2502 is not more buyable in the online shops. Perhaps you can give me a hint. I have tried to find one with nearly the same dimension, but it's very difficult.

If Iook in the comments, it seems there is no support since a longer time ?!

Hope you ca help and answer me please.

Sería posible un plano de conexiones de los componentes? En el video no se ve claro donde va soldado el DC converter. Gracias!

Hi ,
May be it is out of subject question, what is the program you used to generate the animated gif of this model

Hi, the holes are for additional parts like fins or trim plates. But in moment I found no time to test these parts. I will update the print settings with more details.
Not to fast 30mm/s, to get a good layer connection.
not to hot, because of dropping nozzle PLA 205*C
15% infill
walls before innfill & Ouline walls before inlines

Great Project, and thanks for sharing. I've bought it yesterday. Why are there 3 holes on the back on every side? The jet stator doesn't need them all? And are there any other print parameters like Infill, speed. And do you also have a 0,4 Nozzel and regardless 0,35 from your pictures is correct?

PS: A version with swappbale batteries would be great

Having real trouble printing the hull on an Artillery Sidewinder - keeps failing on the really thin part where the waterproof sealing tube goes - is there anyway to amend the file to reinforce this slightly ? the rest of the hull prints perfectly - I am using Prusa Slicer so that maybe the problem

Quick question what do you use to charge the batteries ?

I didn't receive a message. you could also contact me on thingiverse, there you could send pictures.

Hi, I think you forgot to contact me :-(, I send you chat messages to your FB account regarding the strange lines on the hull

J'ai une radio 2 voies à volant avec son récepteur 6v que j'utilisais avec une voiture RC et j'aimerais savoir si je peux m'en servir pour votre bateau RC.

Podrian recomendar un mando de control y receptor? video del ensamblaje de la parte electronica? gracias

I have send messages via FB chat

Please give me your e-mail? I will contact you.

Hi have some strange lines on the hull, try S3D 4.1 and Cura 4.2.1, same result.
Printed in Prusa I3 MK3 and Ender 3, same result!
you see it even in Cura when you preview the slicer
any suggestions to resolve this?

Muchas gracias por el vídeo del ensamblaje, me gustaría saber que mando de control y receptor podría comprar y que sea económico, y si es posible añadirle un chip para cargar las baterias. gracias!

Por cierto faltaría el enlace a un mando de control, a poder ser economico y compatible, gracias!

Hello alopezrobles88,
Last weekend, I printed all parts again and made a lot of video material of the assembling. I think the video will be ready at the end of the week.

Un proyecto muy bonito y divertido, espectacular. El fallo es que no venga con los planos de montaje de toda la parte electrónica y mecánica, para los que no sabemos de electrónica iría muy bien para poder realizar este proyecto y disfrutarlo con los mas pequeños de la casa.

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