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RC Avatar Escorpión V2

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Descripción del modelo 3D

Nuevo diseño del SCORPIÓN DE AVATAR. Es más ligero, más fresco y más fácil de cambiar la batería.


Motor (2 piezas):

Algunos enlaces alternativos para el motor aquí (elija la versión de alrededor de 2400KV):

ESC (2 pcs):

Controlador de vuelo (1 pieza):

Servo (2 piezas):

Enlaces Servo (1.3mm - 4 pcs):

Rx XM+ (1 pieza):

Tx Qx7 (1 pieza):

Tubo de Carbono (Por favor, tenga en cuenta para elegir el tubo de 8mm OD):

(Se necesitan 2x10cm y 2x14cm de tubo de carbono de 8mm de diámetro exterior)

Cojinete (4 piezas):

Tornillos M2 (25 piezas 10mm):

M2 Nuts (4 pcs):

Tornillos M3 (2 piezas de 16mm y 4 piezas de 12mm):

Nylon de tuercas M3:



Montaje de video:

Detalle del montaje del vídeo (versión anterior):

Configuración de video:

(Espero que puedas contribuir a una mejor EPI. ¡Gracias!)

Prueba de vuelo en video:

Parámetros de impresión 3D

  • Configuración del software: Ultimaker Cura 4.1.0

  • Impresora: Anycubic Kossel Plus

  • Material: PLA 1.75mm

  • Boquilla: 0.4mm

  • Tamaño del objeto más grande: 187.4 x 76 x 67.2mm y 126.2 x 137.3 x 178.7mm

  • Altura de la capa: 0.2mm

  • Espesor de la pared, la parte superior y la parte inferior: 0,8 mm.

  • Relleno: 10-20% (Para el cuerpo: Brazo, bloqueo del brazo, bloqueo del servo, relleno del juego 20%. Para el cuerpo: Cabeza, bloqueo de la cabeza, bloqueo de la placa base, relleno del juego 10%.)

  • Temp. de impresión: 200 C

  • Temperatura de la placa: 40 C

  • Habilitar la Retracción: Distancia de retracción: 6mm; Velocidad de retracción: 40mm/s

  • Velocidad de impresión: 30mm/s

  • Ventilador de refrigeración: ON

  • Soporte: Para Cuerpo con Soporte ya he creado SIN NECESIDAD DE APOYO. Para el cuerpo sin soporte, encienda el soporte; establezca el ángulo de salto a 80 (sólo el cuerpo, el brazo de bloqueo, el cuerpo -3 necesita soporte, el resto NO NECESITA)

  • Viajes (Importante): Gire el modo de peinado en la sección de viajes a OFF.

  • Construir la adherencia de la placa: A tope

NOTA: La posición del objeto de impresión debe ser la misma que la de la imagen mostrada

Acerca de la versión del controlador de vuelo. La nueva versión del controlador de vuelo podría no ser buena. Puedes evitar que la versión por defecto se fabrique (parece ser la 3.2.0). Mi versión es: OMNIBUSF4SD (OBSD) 3.2.0 Sep 28 2017 (No he flasheado el firmware a una versión más reciente desde que lo compré). Puedes encontrar mi archivo de volcado aquí:

Aquí está el enlace para la versión anterior si desea bajar la versión de FC a 3.2:

Encuentra el archivo: OMNIBUSF4SD.hex, descárgalo, luego en betaflight flash por "load firmware [local]" escoge el archivo .hex que acabas de descargar para flash

Información sobre el 3D archive

  • Formato de diseño 3D: STL Detalles del fichero Cerrar
    • Arm .stl
    • Arm Without Support.stl
    • Body -1.stl
    • Body -2.stl
    • Body -3.stl
    • Body 1.stl
    • Head Cap.stl
    • Head Lock L.stl
    • Head Lock R.stl
    • Head Lock.stl
    • Head.stl
    • Hold Mainboard.stl
    • Hole 3mm.stl
    • Landing.stl
    • Lock Arm Without Support.stl
    • Lock Arm.stl
    • Lock Servo.stl
    • Main Body Cap.stl
    • Main Body.stl
  • Última actualización: 2020/11/10 04:49
  • Fecha de publicación: 2020/07/08 13:34





Love Design Things...
I hope you will have FUN :D

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25 comentarios

Très bon travailleHello, just for you thank you for this wonderful Scorpion Avatar V2 model. I just finished the 3d printing of each part and start to do the wiring of the flight board and ESC. I can't wait to see it fly.
Very good work


maybe you can turn on brim so parts can stick more on base plate, preventing it to felt over during printing.


Because if you print upside down, you need to turn on supports to help printing some place, I design for easy to print without support, it's up to you, for me it's very easy to print as position of parts above

Why do you print the large body part upside down. You state place the files as per your pictures. I tried to print the large body part starting from the thin side going up. It fell over halfway during the print. Why can't I print the other way round, starting at its widest working upto the thinnest part?

Hi, I'm now able to print the tail section in high quality using a different slicer :)

Hi all. She flies at last. Could someone advise how to desensitize the controls in Betsflight and how to stop the body rocking back and forward during hover?
Steve B

Hi Bazza59. 40-50% throttle requirement for hover

would you tell me please, at what throttle position is required for hover

Hi Leogroeneveld,

First, position of objects should same as my photo. Second, I using Cura 4.1.0 and my setup for printing not have any special setting, almost all my parameter for setup I already public in description, please try again or test your setup, your printer to see how you can fix it. Maybe you use difference filament or hardware of printer like nozzle,... can effect the results


I cannot print the body 2 (tail section) without holes/gaps in the circumference and a very rough surface. I'm using Cura 4.8.
Are there special setting I need to apply?


I've put together the centre section and everything seems to be working except for the Aux 2 channel. The Tx switch is registering correctly in the Modes page in BetaFlight, but flicking the switch makes no difference to the airframe it's permanently in stabilisation mode is this correct or have I missed something?
Many thanks
Steve B

Great model. Just about finished with the build. then program the flight controller. Can't wait to give it a try.

thx for this model ! good job ! 6 inch propellers would not be more realistic compared to the real avatar scorpion?

HI, I'm putting together the parts to build the V2 Scorpion. Unable to get the Emax RS11 motors anywhere as their all out of stock.
How do the alternate motors Emax Eco perform ? they are a third of the price. Any other alternatives ?
Steve B

Hi Chobson 303,

Body Arm, Lock Arm, Lock Servo, Hold Mainboard flight controller are the same for both models

I want to build Version 2, but I just finished printing Version 1. Are there similar pieces in version 1 that I can use to build version 2 with out printing the whole version 2?


For both model you can move battery to change CG by moving battery. BUT in model V2, my 4S 1300mah battery weight is 165g, it's seem a little bit nose heavy even when I move it very close to the body center. So I suggest to reduce more weight of Body Head, Lock Head by using LW PLA or find lighter battery for better CG

I will get some light PLA and make scorpion 1 with it. I could compare with the one I finished printing last night.
for me the only part which must remain very solid and where efforts are concentrated is the part which supports the carbon tubes and the servos because the engine support arms surely transfer great efforts to it!
centering is extremely important on a machine of this type. Can we play on the CG by moving the battery ??


Weight not reduce much as I expected. I test many version try to reduce more weight but the more weight I reduce the less stable of frame body, So the last version is only 70g lighter, the flight time not increase much . Now I here that there is light weight PLA, I dont have this filament to test, hope someone can try to figure out how much weight we can save, But should not save weight of Body -2, Body -3, because it will change CG a lot

thank you for your quick reply.
has the weight of the machine changed as expected?
the flight time is increased by how much?
Thank you for your achievement which is exceptional !!
You are a true artist !! you have all my respect.
I will buy the files of the second device and realize it following the first!
have a good day !


Sorry that parts could not interchangeable, V2 is different model, I redesign all parts only body arm is the same

I am in the process of making the first version.
Are the parts interchangeable?
Does the front with the canopy that opens fit on the first model?
Thank you !


Please comment in English! I dont know French

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