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Archivos STL Star Wars ATST Walker - Listo para imprimir - con instrucciones, mochiczuki
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¿Usted imprimió 3D este modelo?

Star Wars ATST Walker - Listo para imprimir - con instrucciones

Descripción del modelo 3D

El modelo en las fotos a sido imprimido con hilo PLA color plata de 1.75 mm en una impresora Anycubic I3 mega con capas de 0.1mm. La escala es 1/50 et el modelo esta constituido de 36 referencias de piezas. Para armarlo, se necesita 19 tornillos CHC M3 x 10 (ISO 4762) y 19 tuercas H M3 (ISO 4762) como mostrado en el manual. Estoy a su disposicion para cualquier informacion y espero sus commentarios.

Parámetros de impresión 3D

hilo PLA "plata"
Temperatura de trabajo 200°C
Temperature de la base 60°C
Capas 0.1 mm
Soportes - funccion de las piezas - ver manual

  • Formato de modelo 3D : STL y ZIP





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11 comentarios

Hello, did you receive the files I sent last saturday?

Ok, will do that next saturday. Best regards.

Also I'm a bit confused would you not just need to send me a peg the diameter of the screw? I can scale the peg to the same percentage as the rest of the model then. :)

Ok, I'll prepare you a multiple parts solid model (step format). I just need to see how I share it with you because it will be to big to send by E-mail. Best regards.

And no its not super small, the peg would be fine if i scaled it down with the rest of the parts. Multiple pieces over one solid model would be better for the purpose as i want to sla some parts for detail and fdm the rest. Thanks for the reply!

No problem, I can e-mail it to you fi you give me an adress. What is the scale you want to use? If you want to make it a lot smaller, a plastic shaft won't work (the diameter will be to low), in this case I'll send you the full ATST model and you'll have to print it in one pièce, with supports, and it won't be articulated. I will not be available until friday, so I will probably send you that saturday or sunday. Best regards.

That would be great thanks, how would I obtain that? Would I have to re-download the file?

Hello, the model is about 280 mm tall (scale 1/50). If you want to scale it, you won't be able to assemble it with the standard screws. In this case, I can design a printable shaft to replace the screws, but you'll have to glue the parts to assemble it.

How tall is it when assembled? i want to print it for Legion so i need to scale it to the rest of the figures