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#NoWalls Standard Dungeon Tiles (OpenLock/MagBall)

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#NoWalls Standard Dungeon Tiles (OpenLock/MagBall)

Part of my #NoWalls Modular 28mm Dungeon Tiles Collection

UPDATE 2: Once again I have updated the files. These are now at Version 4. The big change is, these are now compatible with 5mm ball magnets! Every OpenLock slot can also accept a 5mm ball magnet (MagBall), pushed in from the inside groove of the tile. There is enough clearance once the magnet has been inserted for it to rotate and self-align to a neighboring magnet in other tiles. With this design, you don't need to choose between OpenLock and magnetic connections! One printed part can do either! So clip a few tiles together to create a room, and then use magnets to easily place the room on the table and have it self-align to the dungeon you've already created!

UPDATE 3: I have added the thin tile variants in order to allow for layouts with thin walls. These are often times depicted on maps as thick lines. Most 3D printable tiles force you to use normal thick walls in this situation which typically don't look great. These tiles allow for thin negative space walls. (These walls are 1/4" thick, so 4x = 1 normal tile.)

These dungeon tiles are the ultimate in play-ability. They are based on a 1" (25mm) base and... there are #NoWalls because walls are evil!

Instead of walls, this design utilizes empty/negative space to represent the walls. There are so many benefits to this design it's difficult to list them all, but I'll provide a top ten list:

  1. Less material = lower cost.
  2. Faster printing.
  3. Fewer surfaces to paint. (I painted this entire set in about 30 minutes with cheap craft paint. Black primer spray, paint a few tiles light brown, heavy dry-brush dark grey, light dry-brush light grey, black wash, seal, done!)
  4. Players can easily see the entire playing area and any items or minis from any place at the table.
  5. Players can easily move items and/or minis around on the playing surface.
  6. Multi-level terrain is easy to create without worrying about walls getting in the way.
  7. Secret passages are easy to add once discovered, and the terrain won't give the players any hints. (No meta-gaming!)
  8. Larger miniatures can overhang edges if needed. (Notice how the goblins' swords overhang the edges in the photo. Walls would interfere!)
  9. Fewer unique pieces = much more flexible design options. (The layouts in the photos are made with three tile types. Mostly 2x4 tiles, one 2x2 tile, and four 1x1 tiles. Image how many tiles would be required if walls were included! Corner walls, edge walls, corridor walls, corridor turns, field pieces, nook walls, etc.)

So many benefits, but the main drawback is, walls look cool in photos. That's it. Walls are pretty to look at, but besides that, they're just a pain!

I have designed these tiles for play-ability. Because of that, there are no half-spaces. Every space is either a full square, an angled square, or an angled corner. The first two can be occupied by a mini, and the angled corner cannot. But the angled corner allows for diagonal movement and affects cover. This makes movement clear for all players and still allows for the creation of unique and interesting spaces with a minimum of unique pieces.

The latest OpenLock design allows for all sorts of connection options since there are now additional clip sockets on each edge. The standard grid can even be offset by 1/2" if needed. Single-wide tiles can attach to double-wide tiles easily. No longer are you restricted to areas with widths of multiples of 2. Single-wide tunnels are now an option!

These tiles are compatible with all other 1" grid tiles, including previous version of OpenLock. Obviously, other tiles without OpenLock sockets will not be able to clip to these tiles (without specially designed clips), but the tile thickness will closely match and can easily be placed adjacent to each other.

In summary, these are the gaming dungeon tiles you want. The combination of aesthetics, simplicity, flexibility, durability, and usability make these the smartest dungeon tiles available.

I have already released the #NoWalls Cavern Dungeon Tiles and will also be releasing indoor wood floor tiles, and others as I finish them. All with...


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    • Clip-OpenLock-v5.1.stl
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    • Tile_Thin_1_Mag.stl
    • Tile_Thin_2_Clip.stl
    • Tile_Thin_2_Mag.stl
    • tile-1x1_v4.stl
    • tile-1x2_1_v4.stl
    • tile-1x2_2_v4.stl
    • tile-2x2_1_v4.stl
    • tile-2x2_2_v4.stl
    • tile-2x2_3_v4.stl
    • tile-2x2_4_v4.stl
    • tile-2x4_1_v4.stl
    • tile-2x4_2_v4.stl
    • tile-4x4_1_v4.stl

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