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MyRCCar Mustang GT500 1967 1/10 On-Road RC car body

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Descripción del modelo 3D

3D Scan of the 3D Printed Body with MyRCCar KIDS Chassis

Here you have the best model until now published into the MyRCCar ecosystem ;)

If you are thinking about buying this design, please read the "IMPORTANT INFO" at the end of the description


This is a great work from my cousin Rockser3D. From the blueprints of Mustang GT-500 from 1967 or something like that, he has model completely this nice 1/10 RC car body, always with FDM 3D printing in mind.

Main Features:

  • The model is divided in 3 main parts, some other smaller parts as front bumper or rear trunk and a lot of extra detail parts as lights, mirrors, windows, handlers, oil cup, radiator and some more.
  • It has 8 holes for lights in the front and another 8 in the rear so you can make a good "Light Show" with this one ;)
  • Printed in PLA it can survive some rollings (it did) but probably it won't be undestructible for some other kind of hits.
  • You will need something between 500g and 1000g of plastic to build the body. It has no flexible parts (recommended rearviews in TPU) but you could need transparent PLA to make the windows and light lenses.
  • The big parts are screwed between them instead of glued, which makes the assembled body to feel quite rigid!
  • You will need very little or no supports for the 3 main big parts and just some smaller supports for some of the detail parts


  • Total width (without rearviews): 200mm
  • Total length: 490mm
  • Wheelbase: 280mm
  • Height: ~120mm

Under the hood there is actually a MyRCCar KIDS On-Road Chassis and I'm using some flexible holders for the body, which make the pack quite resistant to smaller impacts and manipulation.

If you have a 280mm wheelbase chassis with an axle width smaller than 195mm (maybe even little less) you will probably be able to use this body too! You will need to do the holes in the right place for your body holders or glue your magnets. You will also need a "low profile" chassis front part to be able to accommodate the body as low as possible.

I have supplyed you with two versions for the windows. In the 1piece version, frame and glass will be just one part. In the other hand, you can find "frames" and "Glass" for each window if you preffer to print them separately.

If you are going to use it with MyRCCar KIDS On-Road, you will need some "Spacers" for the rear body holding system. Those ones are also provided.

3D Printed Parts List:

  • MRCC_Mustie_MainBody_Cabin
  • MRCC_Mustie_MainBody_Front
  • MRCC_Mustie_MainBody_Front_Bumper
  • MRCC_Mustie_MainBody_Rear
  • MRCC_Mustie_MainBody_Rear_Trunk
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Bands_Central
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Bands_Sides
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Exhaust_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Exhaust_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_FuelCup
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Handle_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Handle_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_HoodHolder_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_HoodHolder_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_3mmLedHolder_Body
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_3mmLedHolder_Lens
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_5mmLedHolder_Body
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_5mmLedHolder_Lens
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_Big_body
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_Big_Lens
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_LightBlock_Front_Big_Old
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Radiator_Bottom
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_Radiator_Top
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearLights_Left_Body
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearLights_Left_Cover
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearLights_Right_Body
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearLights_Right_Cover
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearLightsHolder
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearView_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Details_RearView_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Frame_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Frame_Rear
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Frame_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Frame_WindShield
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Glass_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Glass_Rear
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Glass_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows_Glass_WindShield
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows1piece_Left
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows1piece_Rear
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows1piece_Right
  • MRCC_Mustie_Windows1piece_WindShield
  • MRCC_KIDS_BodyHolder_MustieSpacer_PartOne
  • MRCC_KIDS_BodyHolder_MustieSpacer_PartTwo

Sourced Parts List:

  • Some cyanocrylate or strong glue
  • M3x12-16 screws
  • 4 Body Clips
  • 12 Led Smart RC Car lighting system + extra leds (5mm and 3mm leds)


As an extra security measure, my best designs are PASSWORD PROTECTED. After purchasing and downloading you will need to write me a short e-mail to my profile's e-mail direction so I can give you the password as soon as possible. Please, give me 12h to reply your email.

I have created a Discord Server to help those of you who buy my designs! If you want I can invite you and we can chat there, just let me know! :)

  • Formato de archivo 3D : ZIP



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Hi everyone! I've spent some time designing and 3d printing these last years and this platform has some interesting features that I hope will allow me to share with you my best parts in a more secure way.

Remember to contact me after your purchase so we can follow the adventure!

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